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Momo Fali's: Random Realizations IV

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random Realizations IV

1. If you work in a school kitchen and introduce your seven year old son to some of the delivery people, you may find him telling the milkman all about his lactose intolerance.

2. When your husband quits his job and the next day he tears his calf muscle and needs an MRI and a walking boot and physical therapy, then two weeks later your son gets an ear infection, and a few days after that you get a sinus infection that requires five antibiotic pills that cost $178.00, you may find out that your husband's former employer didn't give him any grace period and instead canceled his health insurance the DAY HE LEFT.

3. And you may find yourself wanting to tell everyone you know what a horrible, greedy, downright nasty company for which your husband used to work.

4. Then you may consider using your blog for evil purposes.

5. Twitter and Facebook too.

6. If you spend months considering whether or not to have your hair shortened, and you finally muster the guts to have five inches cut off, it's possible no one will notice.

7. Except for your husband.

8. And he knew you were going to get your hair cut.

9. If your family gets Super Mario Bros. for the Wii, you may find it brings about some extra-special, family bonding time.

10. Or, maybe everyone will just yell at each other a lot.

11. The DVR is the best invention ever, especially when you're using it to fast forward through American Idol.

12. But, then you might get spoiled and think you can fast forward through your laundry.

13. And then you will be sorely disappointed.

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Use the blog, facebook and twitter for evil...oh, gosh, I'd never do that.

Good grief! What a pain. I hope everyone feels better and you get that bonding time without the yelling :-)
you are a FAR better person than I am- because I would have slandered that company in a heart beat...

We bought that game, in december, because I thought it would bring special bonding. It brought around complete, sleepless nights filled with incredible amounts of OBSESSION...
I have personally lived #2 with a surgery! If I had my blog then, well, they should consider themselves lucky! Great Post!
Also if you buy Rock Band, you will spend an obscene amount of money downloading cool songs to play, sing to. And if you're MY family it will also lead to a ridiculous competition of "Who can sing that song better on expert mode?" bonding at it's best
I am so sorry you are dealing with that junk but hey Super Mario Bros. very very cool :)
(I think I fast-forwarded through almost all of American Idol--not that great this year)
Sorry. You ready for affordable health costs?!

I once cut 13 inches off my hair, and my husband was the one who DIDN'T notice. *sigh*
I love this post so much I could marry it. not that everything in it is lovely and good, but because it is so real....and well.....relatable.
TiVo has ruined me. Do you know how many times I've reached for the radio in my car thinking I could rewind it a few seconds to catch what I missed?
I'm sorry your family was ripped off by that company. Of course, I think all companies are all for giving the least while asking for the most from their employees.

I once cut off many inches from my hair and people didn't recognize me. It was astounding.
Wii for family time rocks - we just got the smb game too - my husband plays it and while the kiddos and i were out of town - he played it until 2am and used his laptop to google 'cheats'... mwhahahhahahah... what a dork! (i love him though!)
Sorry to hear about #2... remember Karma is a bitch. It will get them in the end - hope he feels better soon!
I would have jumped at the chance to rip into your husbands company in public - and, in a heart beat.

I do hope your husbands calf is healing properly and that your sons ear infection and your own sinus infection all clear up. SOON.
#14 ~ If You visit Momo you will not be able to keep from smiling and chuckling.
And you may find yourself....

Thanks for getting that song Once In A Lifetime by the Talking Heads stuck in mine!

That's a load of crap about what your husband's company did. Totally ruthless and without any sense of human compassion. I may ask you later what the company name was just so I never apply for a job with them.
-->I think you can still get COBRA and it will cover from the first day after he resigned. That sucks though!
I love our DVR too...who watches live tv anymore?
When I was first learning how to use pagemaker (way back in the 90s, people!) I used to go around trying to "undo" all my real-life actions.

Drop something. No problem? "Ctrl Z" baby!! You could see the little twitch of my pinky and index fingers in mid-air. It was a reflex. Never did work, though.
Every employer I know of cancels health coverage effective the day of seperation. However, you can apply for COBRA, and the government curently will pick up part of the premium. You need to do the math and figure out if paying the one month's premium is better than paying the expenses out of pocket that fall within the coverage gap. I knoe you are not real fond of your husband's ex-employer, but this is pretty much SOP (standard operating procedure)
COBRA. And oh goodness, good luck! We uprooted and moved 3333 miles, as the moving van charges, to get away from a bad boss and to get a good one. It was worth it.
Serious bummer about number 2!!!

I wish i could fast forward my laundry too :)
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