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Monday, February 1, 2010


At my daughter's fifth-grade basketball game on Saturday the other team had a center who was quite large for her age. Actually, large doesn't even cut it. This girl stood a good foot above the other girls and likely weighs more than my husband.

I, having reached the towering height of 5' 9" by the time I finished seventh grade, could feel her pain. Though at least this girl was smart enough to play a sport in which height is an asset. The only thing for which I used my height at that age was hiding out in my basement pretending to be a Solid Gold dancer.

Of course, when my seven year old son spotted the overwhelming presence towering over his sister, he had to say something. I shouldn't have been surprised when he exclaimed, "Wow! That is a really BIG BOY!"

I quickly hushed him then said, "Hey! That's not nice. You can't say things like that."

He looked at her again, looked at me and said, "Sorry".

Then he paused before saying, "That is a really BIG GIRL!"

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I am only 5'3 if I stand REAL tall. I would love to be tall.
He's nothing if not honest.

The good news is, he'll never be able to really hide anything from you.
If he ever saw me, he would say, "That's a really short kid."

I was 5'0" in seventh grade. Oh, I'm still 5'0".
I remember when I was a kid, my Dad and I stopped to see a friend of his. He (the friend) hadn't put his glass eye in that day. I said, "What happened to your eye?" Everyone freaked out. I was curious, had no idea he had a glass eye (or even that there was such a thing), and quite frankly, he should have not come into the room without it. Little boys say lots of things. And it's not always their fault. She was a big girl. At least he was paying attention.

Ya gotta love the honesty ;)
Oh, just to be 5'9" at any age would be nice...
Your son is so friggen adorable!

PS: OMG! I used to pretend to be a Solid Gold dancer too!!!
Memories! My sons were on soccer teams one year that had the same shirt color scheme. The older was very tall for his age, the other, fairly short at the time, not to mention four years' age difference.

So. Picture the younger team coming together and the big brother, wearing his uniform because his game starts just a little later, coming to cheer his brother on--and then watch the face of the parents on the opposing team...! (Older son is 6'9" now.)
There's nowt wrong with his eyesight.
When I was a Solid Gold Dancer... Oh, I kid. They kicked me out -- I was too short.
Hey, he owned up to his mistake. That's good, right? :)
From eyeballs to mouth: do not pass go, do not collect $200. I have had to quell a few of those from my son too.
That boy, I swear. Cracks me up every time.
Wonder if she would have been more offended by being called a boy, or large...
You had me at "Gold Circle Dancer". I just laughed my butt off on that one! Thanks!
I used to dream of being a Solid Gold dancer too!:) My son is just starting out with the verbs. But among his first uses are Mama big and Mama tall.
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