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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gettin' Savvy With It

I am a self-admitted social media junkie. I enjoy connecting with people and having discussions about all kinds of topics. One day it may be a conversation about hair color (because some of us were stripped of natural highlights when we bore you kids!) and the next day it could be about LOST (Kate should be with Jack, period).

So, guess what fell into my lap? A place where parents can talk about all things...well, parenty. Books, toys, gadgets, and open conversations about spit-up, bed wetting or even how to get rid of the cranberry juice that stains my son's face. No really, if you know how to rid him of it please tell me. My husband calls it his "permanent undersmile".

Back to that parenty place! I have even started my own group where you (yes, you) and I can connect outside of here. Just look over at the right sidebar for the box titled "Gettin' Savvy With It". If you don't know where the right sidebar is, just follow my map...
I have already started a discussion and would love to hear your thoughts. Come on over and take a look around. Let's connect and share! The only thing off limits are electric breast pumps, because some of us, who shall remain nameless (*cough* me *cough*) have some post-traumatic stress. And, sagginess.


i am amazed at how quickly I've become a socail networking junkie. Twitter, Facebook,, I no longer have time to talk to anyone face to face!!
I told Jenny when we set all this UP, I'll never tweet! Oh my!

I wish I had more time for that stuff. I like chatting and meeting people. I don't tweet or facebook. I use google chat.
I do see how it can be addicting
Social Media Junkie. Ok, now I've found a name to describe what I am. Yes, I do it all, too. Blog, FB, Twitter, and now I'm going to follow your map and get "Savvy."

First, though, no advice about cranberry stains. Never figured it out myself. Second, Sagginess. Know it. Live it. And I never used an electric breast pump. I just used the au natural method, but I do have nightmares about manual pumping.
I'm on the verge of being a junkie... something more book/paper/real life socially primid won't quite let me jump in quite yet.
I am a reluctant social media person. I am still not on facebook, but I finally got on twitter. This blogging thing keeps growing and growing in all directions.
I'm blogging about this same thing today. Frankly, Twitter changed my life! But enough about that, I wanted to say Thank You for the loving blog post you made on my Blog for my Birthday. Tell your Sisters I am feeling the 50's love AND they are lucky to have you! xxx
whoo hoo....Im on my way over!
for the cranberry stain, have you tried using lemon with a little salt? It is worth a shot - just do it really gently.
I've never been good with maps. I've gone into some kind of map-induced seizure...
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