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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nothing Says Christmas Like a Speculum

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seriously?? no comment needed, really.
so ridic.

I saw a woman in a PSA earlier this week telling people to walk up the stairs every once in awhile (rather than taking the elevator) and I thought, "That's it. We, as a country, are DONE FOR."
I wrote about this too right after Thanksgiving:

Great minds must think a lot! (I titled my post, "Seriously, CBS?")

I can't believe how many people have visited that post. I think CBS intended to create quite a stir with it!
That's twisted.
Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
a gift even Santa can't deliver? For all we know Mr. Claus works the off-season as a GYN-OB and runs an elf orphanage to boot.

Personally I'd rather my man volunteer to do my breast exam each month. It'd be mutually beneficial, no?
Just what I wanted!!!!!!
How exactly would you wrap that?
Is it possible to be shocked into a stupor, laugh, choke, lose all breath, gasp and be horrified all at the same time? If so- that's what happened to me.
and wow... as if i want my husband scheduling that. What the heck?
That killed me. If Santa starts delivering those there might be a slight uprising and we would have to write a new song to replace "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause."
No way. Oh no way. This is like an SNL spoof! Unbelievable.

(How did cute actor guy not laugh his butt off! He must have needed a hundred takes to get through that.)
The Hanukkah one is even more ... entertaining?
Just found your blog through Dad Gone mad and read the entire thing from start to finish. You are HYSTERICAL! I have enjoyed reading you very much and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for writing!
Thank goodness for this, I've been wracking my brain trying to think what to get TLW this I know..Thanks CBS and MOMO FALI!!
Rednecklatte can shop now!! WHOOOOT!

oooh boy...
Wha...???? That's hysterical!
When my boyfriend saw it, he thought it was a joke. Literally, a joke. "No honey, the internets are abuzz with the innapprpriateness of the whole thing. It's real..."
isn't this kinda like getting a vacuum cleaner ...

only messier and with gooshy gel?
What the? A far cry from the jelly of the month club.
There is going to be one pissed mommy in this house if my husband takes the advice of that ad!
My husband would be sleeping on the couch forever if he took that advice!
Okay. That is disturbing. I loved it!
Michelle Whitehurst...whoever you are. You just made 2009 not suck so bad. Thank you for that.
this is so wrong on so many levels!
"That's it. We, as a country, are DONE FOR."
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