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Thursday, October 15, 2009

We'd Better be Talking Bamboo Here

My 10 year old daughter was recently giving her little brother a hard time when I said, "You had better leave him alone. When he's a teenager, he'll be big enough to beat you up."

She replied, "Nuh-uh! I'll be shooting up then!"

I think she was trying to tell me she'll be growing taller. I think.

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Yeah, I'm hoping bamboo too.

For my son, finally growing taller than his sister was more important than being taller than me or his dad.
She's a planner. Gotta like that.
Perhaps she has plans to become a know, to protect herself from the big bad brother....
I think she was talking guns, too.

If she were a teen from Zurich or Milan, then she might mean she'd be drowning her childhood pain with a heroin addiction... But thank goodness you live in Ohio, which only allows handguns. ;)
Look out for all the roid rages when she starts shooting up to fend off little bro.
Too cute, love that age.
I used to tell my oldest her little brother would be bigger than her. (A bit of a safer thing to say.)

End result: she's 5'10, he's 6'9", last time we measured him at 19, anyway. His dad grew an inch in college, so you never know.
How funny. Maybe you should watch Intervention with her and explain that 'shooting up' isn't all roses.
Thats funny! I always use that expression. My son really shot up between 7th and 8th grade....

Kids...gotta love 'em!
Oh hope and pra that is what she meant as I sit here laughing my butt off.
'Tis good, at least, that she has direction :)
Dude. She totally meant growing. Everyone knows that kids are snorting heroin these days. Shooting up is so 1997.
Let's hope so.
haha i know she meant in height, but funny nonetheless. are so funny when they don't realize what they are saying.
Kids are always good for random ambiguous comments. I sometimes have to stop myself from saying "That's what she said" after my daughter says something random.
Wow. So innocent it's hysterical!
Aw man. My parents used to tell me how my brother would beat me up someday. It only made me want to whoop him harder the next time.

I've since made amends.
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