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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The List

Not too long ago my kids spent the night at my Mom's house. They call her Vo-Vo, which is supposed to be Portuguese for "Grandma", but who knows if we're getting that right. We recently found out that instead of telling the kids they have a cute "behind" we've been telling them they have a nice "ass".

When I picked up the kids after their night at Vo-Vo's, she told me that my son had been well-behaved, which is in stark contradiction to this list.

This list was compiled by my daughter, detailing all the things her brother did wrong. Let's review, shall we?

Stuck his tongue out at me 5 times

Tried to color me

Tried to murder me

Didn't listen

Banged table

Kept trying scraping Vo-Vo's car

What we can gather from this is that three of the items were him simply "trying" to do something wrong. Clearly, we need to work on his follow through.


Are you sure that says trying scraping vo-vo's car? It looks like DRIVING to me. rofl
This is hilarious!

Also super funny - you've been telling them they have a nice ass. HAHAHA!
Isn't textbook classic that sibs are always trying to get each other trouble and grandparents seeing noticing nothing but the glorious of shining halos?
LOL - why do I find the "tried to murder me" the funniest?!
Do you mean we are NOT supposed to tell our kids they have a nice ass? Sheeeesh, I am in trouble.
Yeah, since he didn;t actually succeed in murdering her, should he still be punished? That would be like punishing someone for trying to be bad, be they just weren't good at it.
Wow! This is exactly what my kids will be writing about each other.

She missed, "Keeps looking at me," though.
-->Hilarious! I remember many times just telling the kids to not touch each other, look at each other Or think about each other. haha...

What would the world be with sisters to provide the real story!
this is so funny! I wonder who's telling the truth...
I am dying over 'color me' AND 'murder me' toooo funny!!!
Ah, the sweet universal language of siblings (*snerk*).
That is adorable. Amazing the view from the sibling side :-)

Trying to murder me :-) HA!
tried to murder me..
classic sibling love.
I love it!

Murder..such a strong emotion....LOL

This is so cute!
Notice that the "stuck his tongue out at me" part is listed above the "murder" part. Probably because the tongue-sticking is irrefutable, whereas the murder part was speculative. I see a future in criminal justice here.
Oh my gosh---that is too funny
loved how 'tried to murder me' is nestled in between 'tried to color me' and 'didn't listen'---like they are all pretty much the same ;)
Not so fast there. Attempted murder is preferrable to the real deal most of the time.
I will steal that child one day, and make him MINE! bwahahahahah!
I could so see my kids writing a list like this.
Lol. I hope she actually had some time to enjoy herself too.
Yes, but did his grandparent wasn't looking? That could account for the difference in reports from his Vo-Vo and his sister. Siblings. The only thing worse is when they gang together against YOU!
Leave it to a grandmother to overlook attempted murder.
Does Vo-Vo have a Volvo? OK. That wasn't funny. Sorry.
Sister must have some good defense moves too. It could be to her credit that two of those were only listed as trying.
Very Funny list!
Ahahahaha! First laughing at the list... then breaking out in LOL at "Tried to murder me"!!!
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