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Momo Fali's: Random Realizations: Anniversary Edition

Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Realizations: Anniversary Edition

1. When you are celebrating your 12th anniversary, it is a good idea to take a road trip with your husband so the two of you can reconnect without the kids or the dogs around.

2. But, you may find that you are so tired because of insomnia which has plagued you for 11 of those 12 years, that you will sleep the entire way to your destination.

3. Which seriously prevents that reconnecting stuff.

4. When your husband stops near the hotel and asks where he can find a carry-out, you may be surprised to find yourself looking for a place called The Whore House. And, when you see it's actually named The Pour House, and that your husband misheard, you'll feel a lot better about spending your money there.

5. Staying in a nice hotel and taking a bubble bath in a jacuzzi tub with no kids around, will seem a like a little slice of heaven.

6. Seafood buffets in the Midwest can be really good and even though eating oysters on the half-shell in Indiana will seem insane, you will do it anyway.

7. Splurging on a seafood buffet the night before your anniversary means you will eat Burger King for lunch on your actual anniversary.

8. When you get home, even though it's been a decade since you last saw it, your husband won't want to watch your wedding video again.

9. Instead you'll sit in your regular spot on the love seat and look over at him in his regular spot on the couch.

10. Then you'll hope for many more years of seeing him right there.

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happy anniversary!
I'll bet that sleep on the trip was really nice.

If that bottle shop had been called "The Whore House" it would have made for some fine story telling for future occasions.

Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Momo!

You might be the last real romantics, I cried at the Burger King part.
Happy Anniversary!

So glad you had a nice weekend! (and hey, what's wrong w/ Burger King on your anniversary?? I had McDonalds on my WEDDING DAY. In the CAR.)

Ooh, twelve years. Did you get something silky?

I get off easy this year--10th (tin). A roll of Reynold's Wrap and my gift is complete.
-->Happy anniversary!
Happy Anniversary! May you have many more years of staring at each other.
happy anniversary, you crazy romantic kids!

(and what does it mean if my word ver is "adioso"??? i hope it's not a sign!)
Our anniversary last week was spent on the couch with Chipolte. Heh.

Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary!!
Sounds like a perfect anniversary!
Happy Anniversary!

The Whore House could have produced some interesting merchandise!
lovely! So true...
Happy Anniversary you tired old lady. I think the Pour House sounds lovely by the way...
Number 10. Cherish it.
Happy Anniversary!
Aw...Happy Anniversary!

(The captcha is "mista" which is kind of appropriate.)
Happy anniversary!
I can relate to most of these!!! LOL
Happy anniversary!!!

and many more of #10.
Happy Anniversary!!! Many more :)
That is sweet!
Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary. Great list.

It must be a decade since we have watched our wedding video too.
Ahahaha Whore House! Yeah, NOT what you want to hear ....

Happy Anniversary Momo! Here's to many, many more.
Happy Anniversary - loved your 'list'.

Our daughters are more interested in watching our wedding video than my husband is - and I'm not all that interested any more either. It gets a bit old when my daughter says, for the 100th time, "You look so skinny and pretty at your wedding mummy."
Happy Anniversary!

PS - your word verification thingie is wanting me to spell "hymen" awesome
Happy Anniversary Darlings!!

My captcha said "Frigling" HA!
Glad you had a good anniversary!
Happy Anniversary!! "We" watched our video annually for about a year, haha. He sounds pretty normal :)
Happy Anniversary. A lot of times when we have the night without kids all I want to do is sleep too.
I am glad you chose NOT to play the alphabet game... "A" is for.... No need to give him a chance at not seeing sweet 13!! Hope it was happy and there are many, many more years to come!
OH this is so sweet! Happy Anniversary!
We're celebrating 25th this year. No road trip planned yet. But bubble bath inspired me. Well said.
So it looks like your anniversary is right around the same time as mine. :)

Happy Anniversary. Now excuse me while I talk my husband into take a bubble bath with me. (Or maybe a shower. We've got a really small tub. Heh)
Sounds like a great time. I'd have slept tooN we have to get it whenever we can! Happy Anniversary, I wish you many more.
awww, Happy Anniversary!
Amen! Happy belated anniversary!
I am so glad that ours isn't the only relationship where I fall a sleep and he has a "regular space"

hehe! Congrats on the anniversary
happy anniversary!
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