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Momo Fali's: Random Realizations: Amusement Park Edition

Monday, August 10, 2009

Random Realizations: Amusement Park Edition

It is late Monday night and my family and I just got home from two days at Cedar Point, in Sandusky, Ohio which is arguably the best amusement park in the world. Here are my observations...

1. If you have any short-shorts, then by all means, wear them! They are best paired with a halter top and a large belly.

2. People with dirty toenails shouldn't wear sandals.

3. When you stand in line for an hour with thousands of people in 95 degree heat, things are going to get real stinky.

4. I hate ferris wheels.

5. I love roller coasters.

6. $4.15 for a 22 ounce fountain drink is a complete rip-off.

7. My inner ear isn't what it used to be.

8. Dramamine is awesome!

9. When your seven year old son will only ride in things that are red, you may want to call his doctor to further discuss his OCD tendencies.

10. You might be in such a huge hurry to get into the park in the morning, that at the end of the day you will forget where you parked. Then you will cry.

11. The shower you take after a day at the amusement park is the best shower you will ever take.

12. When your son bursts into tears and says, "I want to live at Cedar Point!" all of the above will be totally worth it.

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I have been to Cedar Point many many times and I totally agree with all of observations. My favorite is, of course, the short shorts and crop tops on far too many people. Glad you had fun!
And fun was had by all.... Totally worth being jammed against a bunch of sweaty people - in halter tops! Rest well...
And fun was had by all.... Totally worth being jammed against a bunch of sweaty people - in halter tops! Rest well...
I love the halter top look, it's so sexy ;)

And I'm with you on the ferris wheel, my friend. REALLY with you.

I'm glad that you guys had a good time!
"The shower you take after a day at the amusement park is the best shower you will ever take."

Never a truer statement has been said.
i love Cedar Point, though arguably there are less classy people at King's Island, in Ohio. (Cinci... is that right?)
Sounds like a good time, although I'd have to reverse #4 and #5. I'm a big chicken on roller coasters.
I love it. I wanna go. But I'll argue with #11--the shower I got to take when I got home from the hospital today, after not being able to do so since Wednesday, with my hair all clean now and and and...

I tell you. That was the best shower ever, over here.
I love your last one. My son wants to live in the big ole abandoned Target building near our house because then I "couldn't find him and make him do chores." Your son sounds more fun.
ferris wheels scare the snot out of me.
Regarding the last one, that's exactly what I screamed when I went to Disney. Except I wasn't 7 at the time. I was 35. Is that bad?

Glad you had a blast, and p.s.? Be lucky you got that drink for less than $10.
I love Cedar Point too. I hope you all had a great time with memories to last for years.
Ha ha! Awesome.
Sounds like fun! (Except for the sweaty people.)
I love it! Especially number 1!
Well, that place must be awesome because I am so ignorant about anything that is not California and I've HEARD of Cedar Point.
I always said that if I could just turn my son loose at King's Island or Cedar Point or the Ohio State Fair no one would even notice his ADHD!

And isn't funny how going to an amusement park makes you feel thin?
Ever noted that xanax stock rose a few quarters over the summer months during both years '06 and '07? Both the years I lived in Ohio and had to get through a day(s) at an amusement park. Spinny Spinny makes me sicky sicky. Though I surely miss the tube tops crews....
Went once when I was 15 with my bff's crack addicted sister, her "boyfriend" and "their" baby(no car seat)ahhhh, mem-ries. We rode a few rides, got rained out and headed back to Youngstown. Did I mention that we were supposed to be grounded for shoplifting? I miss 15, the simpler times! lol
Sounds like fun overall. Incidentally, how many rides there are red?
Pure fun. "I want to live at Cedar Point!" definitely makes it all worth while.
After spending much of my summer at King's Island, I have to say, I no longer want to live there.
Oh my... now I'm rethinking my 5 day Disney World trip coming up next week! LOL!!!
Aw. Number 12 is what it's all about.

Oh, and I loved Number 8. I take that whenever I have to fly on an airplane!
#11? a truer truth could never be told *L* You gotta come to Busch Gardens & ride the Griffin though!
I was updating my Facebook repeatedly the last time we were at King's Island...I wrote about the kid with the bowl/mullett haircut, all the grown men with their shorts down around their ankles, and (my favorite) the reminder to women that just because the store carries a bikini in your size does NOT mean you should wear it!
#11 - SO true! Except the ones after days at the springs or the beach....
We keep talking about taking our kids there but haven't quite decided they're old enough yet... soon, though, soon... I hope they love it as much as your do!
I am with you on the Ferris Wheel. I hate those things now. Guess I am old.
I totally think you should write a guest post on Amusement Park fashion do's & don'ts for Blissful Style! Say yes!
Hahaha! Good wrap up of a what a day at Cedar POint is all about! We were there in June. My mom and I (who took the kids--I have no idea how my husband got off) opened up a big bottle of wine and drank from plastic cups in the hotel room.

And holy moly, how about that crazy ride that goes like 500 miles an hour in a second? That thing freaked me out.
Oh my inner ear beats out yours any day; it won't even let me WATCH some rides, never mind ride them!

Yes, I am the poor sap, the official 'holder of all things' while the rest of the family goes and has fun. But at least I kept my lunch down.
Hehehehe, the stink alone keeps me away from amusement parks...
I worked at Cedar Point as a teenager. Thunder Canyon water is SOOOO nasty. After seeing people wet from riding it, I want a hot shower.
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