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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to Control the Pet Population

While riding in the car last night my seven year old son said, "Mom, I can't decide if I want to be a vet or a magician when I grow up."

He paused briefly then said, "So I think I'm just going to become a magician and make pets disappear."

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You know, Momo, you could publish his one-liners and get rich off your kid. I mean, save up for college.
Ah, yes, but the true sign of a magician will be if he can then bring them back!
He definitly has the right idea!
Send him to my house. He can practice on my misbehaving cats!
At one point in her childhood, my niece decided she was going to be a tap-dancing waitress.
Bob Barker would be proud...
LOL! Now that's a man with a plan!
oh my word. that kills me. Thanks for the smile. You post today is WAY more fun than mine.
He is a total genius. I kinda thought somewhere in there you'd be asking him to make LucyDaisy disappear. :) If you end up asking him to do that at some point, ask him to beam her over here to my house. ;)
Can he intern at my house? I just have this one dog I could let him make disappear...

Awesome. Will he come here? please.
Well, I guess that's better than a Vet who makes them disappear...
That's one way to cut down on the cost of having a pet.
The real question is "how exactly are you going to make them dissapear?"
He is hilarious!
Hysterical.. as always..
That kid is great! He makes me chuckle all the time and I love him for it.
Excellent compromise!

xoxo, SG
He's a thinker!! I mean why decide on a career when you can have BOTH!! He's too fun...
He's a "have your cake & eat it too" kinda kid, huh?

I just LOVE him.
That boy is hilarious! Maybe he could be a comedian. That joke right there would work perfectly with a deadpan delivery.
hahaha, but will there be more bunnies?
Oh lord, that made me laugh!
He seriously says the GREATEST things EVER.
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