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Friday, August 28, 2009

And, I Have a Talking Donkey

My son came home from school today and as we reviewed some first grade papers I said, "Tell me about your day, buddy. What did everyone bring for show and tell?"

He replied, "Well, some people brought stuffed dogs, and a kid brought Lightning McQueen and one girl brought a doll."

"Wow. That sounds like some cool stuff. What else did people share?"

He jumped with excitement, "Oh! One kid brought a great, big yogurt!"

"A big yogurt?"

"Yeah! Its name was Shrek."

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Unfortunately I don't get that, at all. But, dammit if you don't have ALL the luck!
Too cute!! He should be really good at deciphering song lyrics...
When I read your tweet about a talking Donkey... I thought you were writing about my husband! LOL
Piper, Shrek is an OGRE...not a yogurt!
Shrek is a pretty cool yogurt if you ask me. Green is my favorite flavor. :D Funny stuff! :D
I love reading your blogs!! And I love hearing what the comedian has to say.
Lol! That my have actually been my son... He brought a big YODA! Does kinda look like Shrek... Love it! :-)
LOL Shrek=yogurt=yoda =D
I had a great erroneous picture of a towering yogurt going there for a minute. ~Mary
You can buy Shrek flavoured yogurt here. Not that I have .... but my children want me too.
So, so adorable. :)
He's very insightful. There will probably be a Shrek yogurt when the next movie comes out.
I have to be honest here ... that took me a minute ... LOL
Shrek is the only green yogurt I've ever liked ;-)
That kid is endless fodder.
So cute, I love it!
That is too cute! I love it. So, did you break the news to him that it wasn't a yogurt?
I knew Shrek was an ogre and it still didn't click lol...I'm glad he's enjoying 1st grade.
Aw! That is too cute! I miss hearing comments like this from my kids!
I miss first grade....
Wait, they're making Shrek-flavored Yogurt now? Hahahahaha


The stuff turning green in my fridge needs a cool name too.
Have I mentioned I love him?

If not, I love him.


When are you sending him to my house?
How did I not know Shrek was a yogurt?;)
Love it!
Did I ever tell you I think your son is adorably hysterical?
i'm ashamed to admit that i didn't get it until you explained.

*hangs head in shame and turns in her mom card*
That's my favorite flavor of yogurt! ;o)
Ahahahahaha! Shrek is my most favorite Ogre, er, Yogurt of all.
I swear, you need to write a book of all these amazing things he says. This one is great! It's up there with having "very close veins" (they're very close to the skin)
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