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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wide Load

I will never claim to be a petite flower. I am 5'10" and have palms that make Meadowlark Lemon look like an extra from The Wizard of Oz. Also, you know you're old when the first basketball player that comes to mind is Meadowlark Lemon.

My seven year old son does not take after me in the height department...yet. Because of his small stature and his medical issues, some of his gross motor milestones have been reached much later than typical children. It is sometimes impossible for a seven year old to do something that is normal for his age when he is the size of a child who is four.

One of the things he's had trouble mastering is swinging on our swing set. He isn't big enough to hop on the swing himself, so he has always just made do with swinging on his belly.

But, day before yesterday I talked him into giving it a try. I promised him that even though his feet don't touch the ground, he would be okay if I put him on the swing and stood nearby. After I pushed him a few times, I could tell he really loved it. I explained the concept of "feet out", "feet under" and he took to it immediately.

A few minutes went by and he said, "Mom, I want you to swing too!"

I smiled. "I wish I could, buddy."

He continued...feet out, feet under...then realizing his mom's size is also not so typical, he said, "But, we would need a bigger swing. Maybe you could use that brown one."

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He's thoughtful yet hurtful all in one simple comment. Screw the docs -- your boy is a genius.

And as long you don't think of yourself as Curly Neal, you're OK. Then you'd be old, tall and bald.
He sounds like a great kid! And you sure a great mom!

Whatever happened to the Globetrotters? My daughter and I recently saw them on a retro cartoon hour of Scooby Doo. Can I tell how much Mother patience was summoned for me to sit through that hour?

I kept asking to change the channel so we could watch Phinneas and Ferb.
Well if his career in Basketball never takes off, he certainly has a place in stand up ;)
Giggling here.
I'll say it again.. I just love that kid.. he is too funny ..
he does have a way with words, doesn't he?
I'm so sorry for laughing, but he is just so dang cute!!!

Maybe he just wanted you to be more comfortable? You know, so you could stretch out?


Um, okay.
You just made Monday morning so very much brighter!
Ha ... !

It made me smile to think of him swinging and loving it. Very cool.
(and loving that he can swing now, for real!!!)
I like the brown one much better myself. He has the right idea. Now all you need is a glass of wine and you'll enjoy that swing even more...
He only had your best interests at heart. And don't feel bad...I use the brown swing too :)
OMG. LMAO. Too funny, girl.
Hah! I love him! And YAY! for mastering swinging! Such a fun kid thing!!
Awesome. I've said it before, but I'm pretty sure he has your sense og humor.

And you're 5'10"? I'll have to bring heels to Chicago.
Do you suppose he wants his inheritance early or something?
LOL! What a cutie! And way to go on the swing!
I'll sit next to you.
Your son is a stitch and he makes me laugh out loud.
Your ego will never get inflated with him around, will it?
I'm glad he's enjoying the swing!
Fantastic! What an adorable story.
Post a video of you doing Underdog on that one. Just for the fun of it.

And Medowlark Lemon was a basketball God. Love the Trotters.
I want your boy to insult me. Just once? Please? Maybe he takes paypal?
Haha! Funny stuff!
Congrats on the feet out, feet under! :D
Well, he tried. They don't really have a sense of layered meanings at that age, do they? We still struggle with that at our house all the time.
*snort* Your son is so very thoughtful. He just wants you to have fun too.

Well played, son. Well played.

Aw. I love your son!
This made me laugh out loud! Then I explained why I guffawed to my husband and even he thought it was funny!
Awww. He loves you. He really does, I'm sure of it! heehee
You didn't fancy squeezing into one of those basket bad-boys then?
So cute!!

I saw Meadowlark Lemon play. I think of MJ first, them Meadow and Larry Bird.

I've no clue why I remember Larry Bird. Cause he looks like a bird I suppose.
I'm so sorry. I did laugh though as I pictured the brown swing holding a big buttocks on each half. It appears to be leaning a bit in the picture.
"Swing low, sweet chariot" suddenly popped into mind.
Ah, you're sized like I am! (Also 5ft 10"+ and not ... willowy). And you know your boy didn't mean it as an insult - children just say what they see, without any of the inhibitions we've learned as adults. He's just trying to share the joy.
And don't I wish that when my kids say something like that, I could accept it in the spirit given.
I love it! And that's awesome that your son figured out the swing--I can't imagine how frustrating some things must be for him!

Cannot wait to meet your tall awesomeness. and see where the smart snark boy sprang from ;0)
I'm sorry...there is no room for you on that brown swing. I'm already using it.
DOH! LOL aw what a cute response.! It must have been fun seeing him enjoy it.

Tell him the brown one is for 2! LOL
Ahaha! From the mouth of babes, eh?? ;)
Ouch. That kid is painfully blunt at times, but he's so cute!
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