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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pulling No Punches

While driving the car, I looked in the rear view mirror to see my seven year old son lean slowly across the back seat toward his older sister. His movements were deliberate so as not to be seen by me.

Then in a hushed tone I heard him say, "Hey, Sis. Let's play slug bug so I can slug you."

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haha: did she take him up on his generous offer?
he's a brat!!! ;) but so funny!!
At least he asked first.
Of course as the driver, and probably tallest person in the car, you can spot the bugs first and pretty much slug whoever you want the whole time. I'm in!

I love the forewarning.
I like a man who plans. that is a classic!
He's a genius! I always punch first, ask questions later.
It's like when they hand you a water pistol for filling, so they can then shoot you with it.
He steals my heart.. little smarty..
Ahhh the joy of litte boys. Like a soft enveloping cloud.~Mary
If that worked, perhaps he has a future in used car sales.
lol, that game always ended in fights. :p
very interesting tactic.

i personally love the use of slugbug for my own nefarious purposes!
Nothing like a really exciting game of hitting your sister to perk a boy up. :)
At least he asked first!
That is rich. That little guy just cracks me up!
O my! I love it when kids try to be sneaky and are so busted!
Well played by that little boy :P
Love that kid! So, did she play?
What a polite young man!
Oh, he cracks me up!
Heh, reminds me of the time I heard my then 5 year old (now 11)say to her then 3 year old sister (now 9) "Hey, watch this!" followed by the lil one saying "Ow!that hurted! Alot! was funny, though." I'm not sure what happened.
Ame in TN
...and then what happened!
At least he asked and gave her warning, right?
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