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Thursday, July 9, 2009

In Heaven You Don't Have to Watch Your Step

In our house, we discuss faith a lot. We attend mass regularly, I work at the Catholic school where both kids are students and we often pray as a family. When the children are older, we'll probably drink beer and play bingo together...because, that's what we Catholics do.

But it seems I have more explaining to do in the faith department, because as we passed a cemetery the other day, my seven year old son asked, "Mom, is that heaven?"

No son, that's where people walk their dogs and don't pick up the poop.

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And that is why my tombstone will read "Please Curb Your Dog".
I think back wistfully to the days when I could walk our dogs and not pick up the poop. Maybe that would be my heaven. But I hope not.
Cremation looking better and better.
That's pretty much everywhere around here. Makes me feel like I'm back on the farm, dodging cow pies. Only somehow dog crap is much grosser.
Hahaa..that IS what Catholics do. A friend of mine was astonished and gleeful when she went to the first parish festival at the parish where I teach and we passe the priest drinking a beer and having a cigar. :)
You know, I had to read that twice to make sure your son wasn't the one that didn't say that....and you wonder where he gets his quick whit?
that's why i've decided to have my ashes scattered into my swimming pool. it's nice and clean and the chlorine smells better than dog poop.
No poop, no fleas, no leashes. Heaven will be good. For us too.
I love the name of this post. Hee hee.

I remarked heading in to Mass with our priest a few weeks ago that it was so gorgeous outside I wished we could have Mass outside. He snorted and said, "It's way too hot out here for me. I only want to be outside in this weather if I'm wearing shorts and drinking a gin and tonic."

I love my Church.
Hah! I tried explaining the resurrection of Christ to my 10 yr old, and how Jesus rose on the the third day. Now he's convinced Jesus is a a zombie!
-->After my son's baptism, Father joined us at the house and was first in line for mimosas! Ha!
As usual, your post brought a smile to my face--love it :)
Too funny. That is totally something my son would have asked...thank you for the perfect answer!
Most cemeteries here are used for movie sets. Wonder what the kids would think of that.
Well, it's heaven for the dogs.
tee hee hee.
well, there are dead people in there....
My Catholic son thought the gravestones were dragons for awhile. Long story!
Woot! Catholics do those things, yes they do.

My wedding will be:

One big Irish Catholic fest. You can imagine the possibilities.

My son just told me the other day, "I think heaven is probably just like Earth but, you know, with peace and love and a lot of stuff made out of gold."
Heathen dog walkers!
These comments are as funny as the post! It sure is fun up in here! :)
well that's something my local park has in common with your cemetery!
Your son is a sweetie! My 6 yr old daughter said "There's the bone yard" the last time we passed a cemetery! Yikes!
Wait. That's all? Maybe my favorite blog post of all time...
Great Response!
Great Response!
Ahhh, the innocence of childhood. I love it. The things that we think we've covered that we somehow missed... they're everywhere!
a very grave situation. very.
Yet another reason I want to be cremated!
Dude, you need to start your own comic strip.
Never looked at it that way before.
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