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Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Realizations

1. If you have two dogs, and two kids who often clog the toilet, you're going to be dealing with a lot of poop.

2. I cried yesterday because a little boy was nice to my son. Never underestimate the power of teaching your child to be a good friend.

3. I like to wear my size 11, orange Crocs...mostly just to embarrass my daughter, who calls them my "clown shoes".

4. Insomnia is slowly killing me.

5. The LOST season finale was Wednesday night and I am kind of freaking out about what I'm going to do when the series ends next year.

6. Freaking out about a TV show going off the air is pretty sad.

7. I am reading an advance copy of "Rage Against the Meshugenah". A raw look at male depression by Danny Evans from Dad Gone Mad. A book which made me laugh AND cry in the prologue.

8. You should buy that book.

9. A puppy with a UTI is really hard to housetrain.

10. Dogs will take any pill as long as it's wrapped in cheese.

11. I like beer.

12. My husband works really hard and very long hours.

13. I miss my husband.

14. I will be 38 in a couple of weeks and realized I have been telling people that I'm 38 for the last year.

15. I love my little blog.

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And posts like these are why we love your little blog, too.

I just finished watching the Lost season finale. Still affected. I don't know what I'm going to do either when it ends. Support group anyone?
I keep telling everyone I am 27...I am 28. Seriously for like a 4 months now, didn't even realize it til you said something.
Shoe-size 11 Sistas represent!

I can't wait til my shoe-boats meet your shoe-boats in July.

Funny, I turned 40 in November yet I keep telling people I'm 23. Maybe that's why they look at me funny.
I love your blog.

And beer, too!

And my husband works long hours...I miss him...occasionally! ;)
I'm glad the one cry was about a happy thing. Is it the color that's off, or do the orange crocs turn your skin green?
I told people I was 42 for over 10 months--then I realized I was only 41. Damn that was a long year!
There are lots of us that completely agree with #15. I got your back on the beer thing too. And size 11 ??????? Whoah Nelly.
I liked your #2!
Yes, LOST!! Being in Italy, I have only been able to download a pirated version of season 4 only to episode 11 and now what!? what season are they really on? I feel your angst only in a season 4 kind of way...
I love your "little" blog too!
I love lists, and this was a gooder.

Isn't Rage awesome? I'm excited to see where this takes Danny.
Look at it this way, you're not turning 39. :)

P.S. off to check out Danny's book
Love your little blog, too! And I am jealous of those kick-ass crocs. No one will mess with you while wearing those. NO ONE.
I love your little blog too.
But those crocs...maybe not so much. hahaha
The husband and the dog whatsit can stay, but the crocs...have to go
I love beer and LOST too!

Yeah, those shoes have got to go.
I am totally with you on 5 and 6. My solutions it to apply plenty of 11.
I did the same thing last year when I was 36-I really thought I was 37. So this year when I actually TURNED 37, I felt like a gained a year. not all bad. And hey, insomnia and I are becoming pretty close pals these days, too. It bites. And I love your little blog too.
Oh, LOST. And BEER. Mmmmm...beeeeer.
Without them we'd never get through all the poop.
That little boy who was nice to your son? That was my son.

Probably not (I don't even know where you live) but I am doing my darndest to teach my kids to be "the nice ones."
1. What did the boy do? I love hearing things like that.

2. The near end of LOST (the chain magnet part) was INTENSE, I thought.

3. Just wait until you're 40 and nobody has a ... yeah, okay... I'll give it up, I guess. ;)

4. Go to a sleep clinic. Find help.
I am not kidding, but when I was 37, I spent the entire year thinking that I was 38.

Also, I think that I'm a supermodel, but I'm so not.

I love your blog, too!
so glad i'm not the only one who regularly ups my age on accident. i am actually 40 tho and proud of it! woohoo

(hey, i both remembered and spelled it right)
I love your little blog too. And yes, I realize that everyone else has already said that. I've claimed to be creative.
My bright blue shoes embarrasses my kids. "We can see you a mile away!"

Very true, dogs will take anything with cheese, mushed up with my leftover Velvetta.

#14 that means this yr you can tell people you are 36 to make up for it.

I don't like beer...a glass of apple juice looks good to me.
I also will eat anything wrapped in cheese. You don't have to coax me to take my pills, though. I'll swallow whatever you've got. Except maybe a heartworm pill. Those don't seem like very much fun.
You wear a size 11 too???

Ok now you may stalk me.
#2, yeah, that's happened to me too. Amazing ain't it?
Happy almost birthday!

I was at a Christmas party once that happened to be on my birthday a few years back, and someone ratted me out. An older woman elbowed me and grinned, "And how old are ya? 39 and countin'?"

"Yeah, for about six hours now." I spent the whole rest of the year saying I'd be 40 the next December to keep from getting ragged on like that. Then, when I WAS 40, I felt like I'd already done that. It's like I spent two years being 40.
I love your ramblings and your clown shoes.

LOST is the Best TV show EVER. EVER. I'm going to freak out when it ends.
We have a lot in common--I love LOST, I deal with poop way too much, I miss my always working husband and I too will be 38 (in like two days--ouch!)...oh and I love Shiner.
..and i love you!

insomnia sucks balls, for real.

i can totally relate.
It is the "random realizations" that make you special... I got teary eyed over drinking glasses y'day!!! Saw some that we had as kids... Forgot about them. Not sure about the tears.... Missing childhood I guess and wondering what else I have forgotten...
Love your blog so DO NOT have a Season Finale of it please!!!
Happy early B-Day!
I love your little blog, too. :)
# 10 is so not true. You're lucky. And egads, woman, those ARE clown shoes! The color orange scares me.
in no particular order:

1. i love your little blog too.

2. dude. size 11??????

3. there must be something about 38, because i swear i did the exact same thing that year!
11? Really. I'm a 10 so I feel your pain.
I love your little blog too. Im dying to read that book, and insomnia is also slowly killing me!! xoxoxoxo
HERE HERE on the slow, painful death by insomnia. I am SO TIRED of flipping through channels between 2 and 5 a.m. I cry a lot.
Lol used the dog pill cheese trick many a time. At least Lost will get a chance to wrap up the series. I always watch shows that end up getting canceled like Dirty Sexy Money or Veronica Mars.
Those definitely are random. Happy early birthday! I've never seen Lost, but I'll probably end up watching it on DVD or something sometime in the future.
Don't feel bad..I've been 33 years old for the last 5. lol
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