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Monday, June 1, 2009

One Heck of an Antioxidant

My son was sitting on my Mom's lap eating some cherries when she said, "It's good that you like cherries because they're very good for you. If you have bad stuff in your body, they help get that bad stuff out."

My son replied, "You mean, like if I swallowed a gun and then ate a cherry, it would help me poop it out?"

I would say he kind of gets the concept. Kind of.

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Fresh fruit is amazing. I love how his mind works.
I need to get a few pounds of cherries immediately if not sooner!
Cherries are going to the be the NRA's next endorsement.

I Just want to know what food groups are being served in your house. You must have some industrial plumbing set up.
It also works with frisbees, rocks and cell phones! or so I've heard...
I'm switching from coffee to cherries ASAP.
LOL--Needed that laugh :)
Just tell him not to push too hard--don't want any misfires on that one!
Glad to see that kids are still worrying about swallowing gum. Some things never change.
That is hilarious!
that's hilarious... is he planning to swallow a gun?
It's the fiber!
That is the kind of "big thinking" that'll take him really far in his life.
A-dorable as always!! xoxo
Dude. He might be on to something. I know a guy who swallowed a gun once. If he would have just ate some cherries... Damn.
That would be one hell of a cherry bomb


I adore that kid
I absolutely love the way the child's mind works! Thanks for the laugh and for sharing!
bless his heart. the little man means well, doesn't he?

That's a bit too much iron in his system. Love cherries though...
haha. I love his theory. In other kid quote news, my daughter called my husband a Douchebag today.
You know, you can't actually know whether this is an exaggeration or not until someone tries it.
If a little boy can some how or any way work POOPING into any conversation- he will, again and again. He was just doing his job. ~Mary
Hee Hee. And what was your reply?
Boys are all about poop and farts. At least he knows that guns are bad ;)
Good stuff! Important to loop around and make sure he understands that this does not apply to coins or other non-edible products.
I love cherries.

Poop, not so much. But, your son is right, cherries do make me poop.

Too funny. Guess you need to take guns off the menu.
I love it!! *L* Hmmm...I wonder if cherries would work for our economy...
Kind of. In the loose sense of the word. ;)
Well, I've heard it does shoot out sometimes...LOL
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