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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Going Down Swinging...or Singing

Tuesday night, my 10 year old daughter and her school softball team competed in the district championship. They lost. By one run.

That day was “Field Day” at school. The sun was out, it was hot and humid, and they ran obstacle courses for most of the morning and afternoon. By the time they got on the softball field at 6:30, they were tired.

Not to mention, out of the 10 girls on the team, one was out with a head injury and another (who played so we wouldn’t have to forfeit) had recently stepped on some nails. She played right through her pain. Possibly because my husband told her to “gnaw her foot off if she had to”. He's a charmer, my guy.

These girls gave it all they had. All the hard work and determination paid off, but not quite as much as they would have liked. After they accepted their second place trophy and watched as the first place team celebrated, the tears began to flow.

But, my daughter didn’t cry. Not a drop. As a matter of fact, she was smiling and laughing…and happy. She was completely and totally proud of herself and her team, and she had every right to be.

As we were walking to the car I said, “I’m really proud of you. You pitched well and you hit great. But most of all, I’m really happy with your attitude right now.”

She replied, “Yeah. I’ve been telling myself that even if we lost, I would be really glad that we made it as far as we did. I thought a lot about it and that's the same thing I'm going to tell myself if I ever get on American Idol.”

It's good to know that her successful softball season didn't keep her head from being in the clouds.

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2nd place is 1st loser. Let her know they did in fact win a first place award.
Attitude is everything, whether you're stepping on nails or facing Simon Cowell. She's right on the money.
If you have that attitude, you are always a winner :)
That is an AWESOME attitude to have..high five to you proud Mom because it has so much to do with you too!!
Gotta love a kid with realistic goals.
Congrats on a great season ending. They did well despite the odds and whatnot. Your daughter has a fabulous attitude!
Well done!!!
That's awesome sweetie!
Kudos to her and to you for raising such a smart, well adjusted kiddo!
Losing is a very tough thing for me. Good to know your daughter doesn't let it affect her. Who knew softball could teach us lessons about reality TV singing competitions.
Your daughter really does have a GREAT Attitude about the game. My son is a TERRIBLE sore loser. He could certainly take a lesson from her!
You must be so proud to see your daughter learn such a valuable lesson about attitude. It will take her far....even American Idol!!
you sure have done something right by that little lady. ♥
I am so flippin' proud of her for her team doing so well - and even more so for her awesome attitude!
Awww! I am SO proud of her. What an awesome attitude! Way to go, Mom!
She sounds wonderful! You did a great job, mom!
Okay, so I actually got goosebumps reading your blog tonight... and American Idol's Simon better be prepared cause between your daughter and son the guy doesn't stand a chance!!!
Congratulate her on the season, on the attitude, and on the dreams!!
Your daughter has a great attitude!
I'm really proud of her, too!
You couldn't ask for more out of her! What an awesome girl.
What a great kid and you gotta love that life plan!
What a great kid! She reminds me a lot of my daughter, who's now 16. Her team played a tournament, starting at 8:00 a.m. after they had all been at an all night Relay for Life fundraiser. They took 3rd. She's played ball since 1st grade and has always taken wins and losses in stride.
Way to go. What a fantastic attitude.

And I await to see her on American Idol.
I wonder if anointing her as our leader would change everything ;-)?
I rarely find a child with that great of a tude whose parent does not have a pretty well-developed one also.
She sounds effortlessly natural as well. ~Mary
Oh my! I want your Daughter's attitude. And I want her lofty aspirations.

Can I have tickets to the show when she gets on?
Your kids are just chock full of wisdom! I love how they learn these lessons.
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