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Monday, April 13, 2009

Underwrite That

My husband and I were recently discussing our latest attempt to obtain life insurance for our six year old son. Our applications for coverage are always futile because of my boy's underlying heart defects.

My son and my 10 year old daughter were sitting nearby and heard us talking. She asked, "Why won't the company give him insurance?"

We don't hide the fact that he is different, so I picked up my son, squeezed him and answered, "Because of his heart."

Then my son, in his dramatic fashion, replied, "What are they talking about? My heart is beautiful!"

Indeed, it is, son. Indeed, it is.

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I think the insurance companies need to hear what he said! He is tooo sweet!
Awwwww is right. I do think you need to add that onto the application form.

Heart defect: It is beautiful.
Damn right, it is.
Wow. So true! From the mouths of babes.
I saw Amy's tweet about this post and just wanted to chime in.

This really made me smile. What a sweet boy.
Sorry to steal from OhCaptain but my only response is Awesome.
Dang right.
Perfect. Absolutely perfect.
Aww! Love him - :)
More beautiful than many out there.

Like I needed something else to cry about. *sigh*

Damn that kid is brilliant and wonderful.
I love that you capture these moments.

That is very sweet. And it demonstates that such issues are about so much more than statistics.
You capture the most poignant moments. Every time.
That makes me go awww. So sweet.
yes.... very sweet indeed.
Your son, FTW! ;) He is such a genius, that kid!
BIG awwwwww!
yup. it is indeed.
Out of the mouths of babes!
Whatta sweetie!!
He should work for the insurance companies and teach them how to do business correctly!
Smart kid you got there!
Just like his parents'.
I hope he always keeps that outlook.
I think you need to send a video of this kid to the insurance company. How could they resist him?
Indeed, IT IS. Your son is so amazing.
Amen to that!
Utterly adorable.
If only insurance companies were run by humans instead of robots. Then with that response, he'd get covered for sure.
Wow. You've clearly done a great job in raising a confident and happy kid.
What a great kid!
It sounds to me like he is right.
Oh my Lord Momo that made me cry. His heart is indeed very beautiful, as is his mummy's.

Sorry I've been so absent. Life's been mad but we're in the new house and hopefully moving forwards. Big hugs to you and your amazing family.

And the dog photos were fabulous hon. xoxoxo
From the short time I've been reading your blog, I know that your son's heart is beautiful too! Thanks for the encouragement to bug my OB as much as possible. I had known your babies were premature but had no idea that premature meant 30 WEEKS!!! They're amazing. You're amazing.
His heart is too beautiful for words.
I dare any insurance agent to sit across from your little angel and hear his words and deny him insurance.
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