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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not So Picture Perfect

There are some amazing photography bloggers out there. I am not one of them. As much as I would love to have classic and beautiful pictures of my family, most of them are blurry, or too dark or every subject has a nasty case of red-eye.

I do not own a fancy camera, because I'm sure it would do no good. It's not about the equipment, it's about the operator. However, it doesn't stop me from trying.

This is what happens when I try to set up a nice shot of my sweet dog, Blue, in front of the fireplace. Yes, people who live in Ohio still have fires in April.

So bright I nearly blinded her.

Too ghostlike.

Too dark and blurry.

She moved, AND grew tired of this experiment.

And, this? Is as good as it's going to get.

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That's the perfect shot!
I like it! Espescially the last one and the dog ghost.
That last shot is amazing.
I'm a point and cross my fingers and shoot kinda gal myself.
Momo..the dog ghost made me snort.. I don't snort often..hahah

Thanks for the linky're the best.

And that last shot is perfect..seriously.. I love how comfy it feels.
The last shot is perfect!
I can just see you, laying on the floor, positioning the camera, grumbling to yourself as you get that shot!

What a sweet dog. She is looking at you like, "Yes? What do you need? Can I nap now?" This is the look I often give my husband.
I think that's pretty darn good!
This should be entitled: The long suffering Blue.
Inconvenient & uncomfortable from the dog's standpoint.
I don't even have a camera. I bet Blue would like that. ~Mary
Good to see someone's lab is a little more cooperative when it comes to photos.
I am not a photographer either. I think it takes more patience than I have. Also, perhaps I might need to read that book that comes with the camera.
Ha! I completely understand this - I wish I oculd capture in photographs what I see going on around me. But what most photographers do is take hundreds of shots and only post the good ones....I think.;)
The last shot is pefect. I love the sleepy eyes.
The ghost shot made me laugh (still laughing)...

And thanks for the shout out - I am humbled.

If you decide to get a fancy schmancy camera before BlogHer I can sit with you and teach you how to use it ;)

Love that last shot, as well. Perfect composition.
But that is a PERFECT shot!
The last shot is great. The second one reminds me of how the world sometimes looks through my eyes late Friday night.
I hear you. The dog looks slow. Lukas never sits still for a minute so it takes getting very lucky to snap a good photo.

I actually like the last picuture.
That bottom one made me want to kiss her big, wet nose. If that's not art I don't know what is!
I have one of those fancy dancy cameras and I still can't get it right 99% of the time. The last shot you got though...beautiful.
I love that last shot! It's perfect.
I don't have a fancy camera and it does seem like all my pictures have red devil eyes, no matter person or pet. So, I just snap, the old fashioned, point and shoot type and hope for the best!
Oh, I love dogs, especially big, sleepy dogs. I like to smell their paws, which I know sounds weird, but they smell like Fritos. Try it.
love the last one. you overcame all your obstacles for a good shot.
you like really like me. LOL

okay, so I'm a bit excited to linked by you. ♥ thanks a bunch!

I enjoyed this post...and seriously...that last GREAT! too cute!
You know, the "real" photographers take 20 mediocre shots for every good one, too. That's been the lovely thing about digital cameras - no developing costs!

Love the last shot, the composition is great!
That last picture looks so wonderfully relaxing. I wish I could sleep like a dog. Twitching paws and all.
Ah, to sleep for hours by a warm fire.
the last ones pretty sweet
pretty sure that's as good as anyone could hope to get, it's perfect. but I love the first one the most, you captured the ghost in your dog quite nicely.
Love the last one! So cute.
I'm not all into it like some people I know, but I can get a decent shot if I try.. The last shot of Blue? PERFECT!
We had a fire the other day, not that it was cold enough to need one, but because we had a fire log left and thought it would be fun for the kids. Now the house stinks like smoke.
How DID you get your dog to be see-through like that? You should send it to a news station and say it's your long-gone dog, back from the dead. Hey, if people believed a dog in China gave birth to a cat...
At any rate, if you were a B&B and I saw that last shot of your dog by the fireplace, I'd be all up in your junk.
That last shot is fantastic! I love the ghosty shot too:)
I suck at photography of any degree. However, I sort of like being bad at it. It's weird.
That last shot is pure gold!

Thank you for the shout out; I'm honored by it!
I love it!! He's gorgeous. Dogs are the best.

(Oh and I'm with you on the photo thing...mine usually stink)
The last shot is awesome. And, thats why I always have to take SO MANY photos. If I take 50 pictures, maybe 6 are good!
Hilarious!!! i almost peed myself laughing. i'm one of those take 20 of the same thing and hopefully one has what i'm looking for. some of the best ones come unexpectedly. you're great at comedic photog.keep it up!
This post just cracks me up. Something about the self-deprecation with the build-up of suspense of what each next shot will look like totally undoes me.

I am crying from laughing so hard.
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