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Friday, April 17, 2009

Muscle Man

My son will be seven in a few weeks, but he looks more like a four year old. The cardiologist says it's because of his GI problems, and the gastroenterologist says it's because of his heart. The geneticist threw her hands up and said, "It's not us!" All we know is that he's small.

Lately, however, he appears to be going through a growth spurt. In order to boost his confidence I mentioned it last night.

I eyed my boy, then looked at my husband and said, "Doesn't he look bigger?" Then I turned to my son and said, "You're huge!"

Taking this as a valid compliment, my son looked up at me and said, "YOU'RE huge!" and in order to one-up my comment, he added, "Actually, you're HUGE-MONGOUS!"

I tilted my head towards my husband and said, "Uh-oh." I backpedaled and explained that calling a woman "huge" isn't really a compliment, but it's okay when you are talking about a boy's muscles.

My son looked at his dad and said, "Yeah. Like Daddy's."

Somehow this whole thing completely backfired on me.

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I am laughing my butt off at your expense.
I am so so so sory BUT....LMAO!!!!!
Explaining etiquette to young boys. It's like herding cats.

I love when parenting backfires because you make me giggle ;-) love it
Ha ha! (That's a Nelson Munce "HA HA" just in case you didn't hear it out loud.)

Very cute!
Are you sure you're not gonna take him to blogher? please. :)
He's so funny. By the way, did they ever test him for celiac? Not to be nosy, and it's none of my business. We have five celiacs in my knitting group (what are the chances), so I'm hyper aware of it, I guess.
My husband's mom nearly died giving birth to him, and it was thought he wouldn't live either. He was only 4'9" going into his freshman year of high school. He's now a 6'4" monstrosity, and the tallest member of his entire family. ;)
Talk about your all time back fires. He is a funny kid.

Kids say the darndest things...
but his heart was so in the right place... some point kids pick up on your comments and turn them on you? Filing that one away.
And you say he's the one that opens his mouth and gets into trouble....I guess he gets it honest.
That's too funny! Well, at least he thought he was being really, really nice! :)
It was the thought that counted.
He is such a comedian! LOL!!! They always know just the right thing to say!
Love that boy. How is you ego holding up?
Funny kid. Good try though.
Maybe next time you should just tell him what a flat tummy and nice boobs he has... Great stuff.
That is great! How funny. Gotta love kids and the things they say. Thank you for the laugh!
I will be shocked if this boy does not grow up to have his own sit com :)
Your son seems to get you every time!
that boy is just so precious ;)
My son was talking about his new Bertie-the-Bus he got for his birthday. "Isn't Bertid cuuute?" He asked. "Just like me?" I replied, always open for any kind of compliment. "You not cute. You big." Backfired on me, too.

I have to have dinner with you guys, just once.
I think Out-numbered has the right plan (above). You just need to start steering him in the right direction.
Lol, at least he meant well, right?
This is one of your best posts EVER! I laughed out loud and it brightened my day. And yes, your husband does have HUGE muscles, he's too sexy for his shirt, so sexy it hurts. Funny... my wife and son never say anything like that about me.
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