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Friday, March 20, 2009

Mister Messiah

Because of my son's ear tubes, I still have to help him at bath time. The last thing we need is an ear drum full of playground scum mixed with shampoo.

As I was lifting him out of the tub last night, I grabbed him with the towel and said, "Come here, Mister".

He corrected me and replied, "I'm a Master".

I smiled. "That's true. You'll be a Master for a few more years and then you'll be a Mister, and your sister will be a Miss until she gets married." As I handed him his pajama shirt I said, "When you get big, you'll get married too."

"I will?"

I brushed his hair. "You will if you want to." Then, thinking he might give me a hint as to whether he has a crush on anyone I asked, "Who do you think you'll marry?"

He thought for a moment then said, "I think I'll marry my sister".

I laughed. "You can't marry your sister. You can't marry me, or your Dad, or your cousins, or anyone else in our family." I left out the part about some places in the world which still let you do that. I'm talking to you, West Virginia.

"So, since you can't marry your sister, who do you think it will be?"

And, I will never accuse my boy of not aiming for the top because he went ever so slightly higher than his sibling when he exclaimed, "I want to marry Jesus!"

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Brilliant. And that is top T-Shirt material. 'I want to marry Jesus' got to be something in that, plus there could be the whole, but he never returns my calls, line..
Awesome. He's got an answer for everything.
Lofty goals for one so young.

Way better than the million dollar man I was shooting for when I was 6.
That's funny because my nephew wants to BE Jesus. Dang Catholic schools.

My little brother used to say he was going to marry our mom, and when he was a little older and realized he couldn't, he said he was going to make his wife wear all our mom's clothes after she died.
I hope that means he wants to be a priest, otherwise the church is gonna have an issue with that one.
that is priceless.
Oh Momo, I just want to squeeze him all up he's so darn cute!
That's hilarious. His future bride is going to have a lot to live up to.
That was great! Put a smile on my face, thanks for sharing.
You sure he didn't mean Jedi Master?
He is a master, all right. So cute!
He sets his standards high! Good for him! (what a cutie!)
Great answer. You have obviously done a good job teaching him who is important.
at least your liquor bill will be low. i heard the guy can take one bottle of vino and quench the thirst of many.

ha. he is so sweet.
He is definitely shooting for the stars, isn't he? Good for him!
That really would be Holy matrimony.
Would that make him a priest or a male nun? ;)
Very funny!
He's got high expectations. Funny stuff.
Dang, I feel sorry for the girl he 'settles' for, she's got some big shoes . . .sandals to fill.
That made me laugh so hard! Oh my goodness trying to catch my breath. It reminds me of LaLa when she was 3. She had a baby doll the she carried around constantly. I asked her what the baby's name was and she said that it was "Baby Jesus". That doll was "Baby Jesus" for about 6 months and everyone in my family got a good giggle out of it.
Love, love, love this place. That was awesome. I remember telling my mom I planned to marry her (I was about 5). And I do remember Kyle smelling Kendall's newborn self and saying, "She smells nice. I think I'll marry her." So sweet.
Shoot for the stars. I like that in little tikes ambitions.
Another fantastic out of the mouth of babes moment.
Ahahaha! Lofty goals indeed!
he DOES have aspirations!
Smart kid. Hope his tubes help him as much as mine are helping me.

Oh, also; Arkansas called; they want to know why West Virginia still gets top billing even though they've taken first in that category 2 years running. May need to have a word with your statistician.
LOL - love the t-shirt idea, too!!
Cleopatra married her brother. Killed him too. Tsk Tsk. It is a way to keep the ~fortune~ in the family. ~Mary
that's my boy-- aiming high, real high ;)
He is the cutest boy On The Planet.
love that! you'll have to tell his future wife that she beat out jesus when he actually gets married. that should earn him some brownie points!
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