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Monday, March 23, 2009

Da Bomb

On Saturday night, our family attended a dinner party in honor of our niece's college graduation. It was an elegant little affair, complete with great conversation, an around the world beer tour and some delicious food.

The home of our hosts was amazingly decorated and resembled an English manor. It was a sprawling abode, sitting on a golf course and even had a pond out back with swans swimming about. Thank goodness I took my fake Coach handbag and wore my best Target jacket!

After a few Coronas, Amstel Lights and Red Stripes I still managed to be on my best behavior. But, on the way home I decided to let my real riff-raff self come out and said, "That sure was a nice party. Their house was unbelievable and the food was da' bomb diggity."

Then my son, who was all pumped up on mini-cheesecake and juice boxes, piped up from the back seat and said, "Nuh-uh! The food was really good!"

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swans in their pond?! Damn.
Hehehehehe, that kid rocks!
That must have been a blast :)
My oldest had a birthday at a house that sounds quite similar. Could have swam laps in their bathtub.
I will have to work Da Bomb diggity into my everyday speech from now on.
Fake Coach bag & best Target jacket. Priceless. Well, not that, your son, he is priceless. But you knew that. ~Mary
Welcome to the World of the Uncool. Keep your seat belt fastened at all times.
That is cute!
Did you squeeze and Peroni into your bomb diggity consumption?
awe! Cute...
Did you say mini-cheesecake? Dude, where was my invite?
I don't think you're supposed to mix continents like that when you drink beer. Just sayin'.
Funny - reminds me of when he said he loves broccoli, etc., but blech to "vegetables"!

And wow, I have never seen that word spelled out before ... "Nuh-uh" - love it.
I don't get it...what's wrong with the "da bomb diggity"? Maybe THAT's why I don't get invited to too many formal affairs. Hmph.
Ha, that's hilarious.
Parents and children need translators to understand each other. I'm just sayin'.
He enjoyed it and he stuck up for them and said so--good for him!
da bomb diggity???

my daughter gets bent out of shape if i say anything more ... uh ... happ'nin' than "groovy."

I totally vow to use "da bomb diggity" once a day for the next week.

After that it should be well ingrained in my kids' vocab. Da bomb diggity!
Thank you for supplying me with just the perfect thing to drive my tween crazy for the rest of the week! Da Bomb Diggity!!!! LOVE it!
toooooooooooo funny! I just love coming here to read. YOu never fail to move one way or another. :)
I think a great Target jacket can hang anywhere. :)

Sounds like an awesome time.
I cracked up my teenage daughter the other day when I used the term bumfuzzled. Can't wait to try da' bomb diggity on her. :)
You could write a book based off all his out of the mouth humor and stories! These are fantastic~
Lol, too funny.
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