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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Soul Mates

The kids were sitting at the table the other day, reading messages on little candy hearts, when my son asked my daughter a question. She didn't know the answer, so she asked me, "Mom, what's a soul mate?"

I replied, "Well, it's when two things are meant to be together. Like with me and Daddy. It's love like no other love, and nothing can ever come between you."

She thought for a second about how to properly relay this information to her little brother, then she turned to him and said, "It's like how our dog feels about her bowl of food."

And just like that, I went from someone's soul mate to just another piece of meat.

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see...and i would explain soul mates to my children's like me and sushi.
Just another piece of meat! That is priceless.
Your dog gets MEAT? What happened to kibbles? What, this wasn't the point of your post?
Your dog gets MEAT? What happened to kibbles? What, this wasn't the point of your post?
That's funny. Now you don't have to feel bad when you tell hubby to 'bite me'.
it's all relative, right? there's passion there, that's for sure.
I love it. That's a priceless bit of reasoning.
OMGosh LMAO!!! to funny!
I just love how children process things we try and explain to them
lol Kids!
so funny
kids are priceless
Ok, but if you're bacon, that's a timeless love right there.
Frame of refernece, dear, frame of reference. It has to be in terms they can easily relate to. I'm sure the dog really loves its food bowl, it's a source of sustenance :)
M soul mate must be that warm fresh baked oatmeal cookie I had for breakfast with my coffee.

What? Is there something wrong with that?
pretty logical to me
Your dog must REALLY love her food!
But does your husband growl at people who try to gnaw on you?

How come I feel like chopped liver all of a sudden?
Now that is funny... I love listening to what children come up with. Priceless.
But is it the only bowl the dog will ever eat from? Only then will you know if they really are 'soul mates' ;)
Man, leave it to a kid to boil things down to the essence.
Snort! Hey, I think I am going to link to this post in March...all March long I am going to have a Pity Party. Hey, better yet, would you be a guest blogger? Just for one day? Or I could reprint this one, cause, it really says it all!

I can understand the love of a good bowl of food. It really is like no other. :-P

Very funny!
LOL--how on earth did we ever learn humility without our children's help?
Thank you (and to your kids) for a good belly laugh right before bed.
No WAY! That is too good to be true. I love the spin you put on that! You crack me up.
ha! cleva!
Hahahahahaha!!! Your kids ROCK!
Way too funny!!!
Your kids make me laugh so hard. You are incredibly lucky.
Coulda been worse. The dog could have been enamored with the toilet bowl.
I like her logic!
That is so much better than in our house where the line would be, "It's like how our dog feels about eating his own poop."
I would not want to be the one to stand between your doggie and the foodbowl! It is kinda romantic though...
Take it as a loooove their meat! unless they're vegetarian of course. say, can I use this in a talk sometime? I'm on my way to becoming an ordained unity minister and this will preach!
can't...comment...laughing too the medic...!
Hmmm... she's actually not too far off!
And all this time you thought you were someones snuggle bunny. Bwah!
yeah, but she's brilliant!
That's surprisingly perceptive-- I think you'd be flattered if you could know how romantic are the feelings your dog has for her bowl.

And be honest-- you wouldn't mind if your husband attacked you like a dog bowl once in a while. Am I right? lol
I think it's a pretty accurate description......
Don't worry Momo...she'll understand someday. ;)
That is just flat out funny stuff. Seriously, I was laughing out loud.
Kid's innocence is so adorable. Your interpretation of the comment is priceless!
To be loved like a dog loves his food is pretty high praise based on how my Lab snarfs it down. But what about his love of eating the eyes from my kids' stuffed animals?
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