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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Uh, That's Not a Bug

My son is currently on his fourth round of antibiotics since September. He has chronic sinus infections, and this latest one has been dragging on for about a month.

As most of you know, antibiotics kill bacteria. Lots of bacteria. Even the good stuff. This is why people who take antibiotics often get what my Dad refers to as a case of the thin dirties.

To combat diarrhea, I give my son some very pricey probiotics. I break open a capsule and pour 5 billion CFU's of powdery acidophilus and rahmnosus goodness into some applesauce, and it easily goes down the hatch.

For those of you who don't speak nature, acidophilus and rahmnosus are live cultures that help to restore balance to the intestines. They are good bacteria, and ingesting them allows my son to walk around with regular underwear on, instead of plastic pants.

This morning, I was opening a capsule when he asked me what it was. I told him that his antibiotic is killing the bad bugs and the good ones, and the probiotics put the good bugs back in.

A little while later, I heard him coughing in another room. After he stopped hacking, he came in and told me he didn't need the antibiotic anymore.

I said, "Yes, you do. You're not better yet."

He insisted, "No, I don't need it!" Then he opened a tissue, showed me a chunk of something green and said, "See? I can spit the bad bugs out."

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I don't know how you resist the charm of this little guy. He is comedic gold!
I see a humorous mommy book in your future...
hahaha That's too funny. And gross. But that's life.

A lot of people don't do probiotics, but I think they're great, especially if you've had to be on antibiotics for a while.
thank you. i had JUST begun to eat my lunch when i pulled up this post.

give my regards to the little guy. he saved me a LOT of calories today.
Was it wearing a little black hat? That's the only way you can tell for sure that it's a bad bug, and not a good bug.
Thats rad. The kid has come up with an all natral fix.
Well, duh!
Looks like you've got a real pragmatist there. :)
That kid of yours! Cracks me up every time. And your Dad! I never heard it referred to as that. Tell him thanks for giving me a new line.
Ewwwww...I did not need to read that ;)

I am happy he feels better!
And girls get yeast infections if we don't take the good bacteria. Not that I would know...
That's fantastic.
Love it!!!
add this to the plethora of reasons why i love your kid. ;)
I so love the way that kid thinks!
Lad is on to something. Better not let the pharm companies hear that!
I'm so glad you have a blog that you can share his genius and wit!
Yum. :)

And high five on teaching me about the good bacteria.. :)
bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! I love kids.
after about 5 years of sinus infections nearly constantly i finally convinced the VA to send me for allergy shots. that plus astelin (the GREATEST nose drier-upper nasal spray i've ever taken, even though it tates nasty) and nasonex have seemed to cure my sinus infections. i don't think i've had one in over a year.

don't know if you've been this route yet or not, just thought i'd throw it out atcha :)
I'm sure the whole idea of bugs roaming freely around in his body (dead or not, good or bad) just sorta freaks him out. Then again, he is a boy . . .

BTW, in Columbus today. For all that is holy, could it get any colder, icier, crazier (seriously people, you are driving on ICE!)?

Made it safely home :) WAVED as I drove through . . .
Makes sense to me.
He is totally funny and cute. Good thing he didn't want to keep it as a pet.
Yikes, you've got a smart one on your hands. I don't feel so bad daughter has been sick since September...she's just now starting to feel better..sheesh!
Ugh. It takes 1200 milligrams of guifenesin before I can spit a bad bug out - and even then I'm convinced it's only the bad bugs kicking the weaklings outta the gang for being wusses.

Your poor little dude. It sucks being sick. I'm glad it doesn't dim his shine. He's the coolest.
How do you not keel over from the laughter? He makes ME smile and I don't even know him!
LOL--who needs medicine? the kid's a prodigy.
Funny as always - love that little guy!
Oh my LOL....just took lilest bean to the dentist...she is on a 20 day aggressive antibiotic plan she has an infcetion(under a tooth) when i called my mom thats the first thing she said to out for the runsss
At least he didn't try to hand it to you!
You are being featured on Five Star Friday!
Eww, at least he's in good spirits, right?
The kid will be giving Rachel Ray a run for her money any day now. Glad you speak nature cause I sure don't.
Ah, see? BlogHer was going for a "disgusting posts people should read nowhere near lunch time" roundup today!
Poor kid, I hope this latest infection clears up soon!
If only, huh? Left an award for you tonight :) (Cuz your blog is FABULOUS!) And please stop by on Monday for my 444th post Giveaway!! :)
Ha! At least he used a tissue. It could have been on his shirt sleeve. :D
Aw! C'mon. How cute is THAT!
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