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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Next Time...the Sports Section

I work at my children's school as a second grade teacher's aide. I took the job to earn a little money, but another benefit is being near my six year old son. He is in kindergarten and could function without me there, but there are still things I help him with because the school allows it.

My son gets sick a lot, sometimes with weird bacterial infections and one of those was antibiotic resistant. It seems it takes longer courses of more potent drugs to make his illnesses go away, so in order to keep him as healthy as possible we take some precautions.

He is the only one in his class who keeps hand sanitizer in his cubby, he takes a bottle of water to school instead of using the drinking fountain, and I help him when he has to go to the bathroom.

My son is the size of a three year old, which means that when he has to use the facilities it entails climbing and clambering all over said facilities. Being that elementary school children aren't the most hygienic, it's much better for me to hoist him on the toilet in the nurse's office and make sure he gets a proper hand washing because he can barely reach the sink.

Yesterday, I was leading a group of students downstairs when we ran into my boy in the hallway where he announced to the whole lot of us, "I need to go poop!"

I said, "Well I can't take you right now, because I can't leave these students. You'll have to go by yourself."

Just then, I looked up and saw the school nurse and asked her if she would help him, which she was happy to do.

After school, we were driving home and I asked him, "Hey, did Mrs. C help you in the bathroom?"

He said, "Yes."

Knowing he had pooped, I wondered if he had been bold enough to ask her to wipe him, so I further questioned, "Did she just help you wash your hands? What did you ask her to do?"

But instead I found he was bold in a totally guy kind of way when he replied, "I asked her to get me a book."

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He's growing into quite the little man...ROFL!
that so rocks.
*snortgiggle* AWESOME! Yes, sir, quite the little man. That's priceless!
He is learning quickly. I'd suggest a stash of Sports Illustrated in his backpack for future events.
As long as it wasn't one of those dirty nudie magazines ;)
What a little multi-tasker! Might I recommend the Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series? I'm not embarrassed to say we have about a dozen of those books floating from bathroom to bathroom in our house. Perfect light reading.

Oh, wait. Should I be embarrassed?
That is hilarious.

He'll be saying he is off to the throne soon!
Get him a book?! He is priceless!!!
I bet SHE had to go pee after that one!
That's hilarious and typical!
I see he's in some way related to my husband!
Your boy slays me.
He is wise beyond his years.
He's my kind of boy! :)

What a cutie.
A man in the making before our very eyes.
Hi! Found you through "If You Give a Mom a Moment" bloggy! Love this post! Your little guy is hilarious!

I'm an Ohio girl that now lives in AZ. I grew up in Circleville, home of the Pumpkin Show.

Love your blog! I am hooked!
I love when they can suprise you with an answer. A book in the bathroom....he's a little man after my own heart.
Get him a Blackberry or iPhone to read in the john.
that is so funny! love it.
What was the book?
Momo, your work is DONE. Today, that boy is a MAN.
hilarious! he IS growing up!!!!
Gah! that made diet coke come out my nose.

I love your little boy.
LOL! You know you can't poop without a good book! :)
They do learn the routine early these days.
hey, your kid, he's a smart one ;)
Oh, yeah. He's on his way without a doubt. High five, my man!
i wish someone would bring *me* a book.

although, to be fair, i only *rarely* announce in public that i have to poop.
Oh. That is so stinking funny. I am actually LAUGHING out loud at that image.
Your boy is something else, tehe.
Priceless. Soon he'll be asking for the NYT Crossword.
Perfect! If only my guy would take a book with him. It takes him f.o.r.e.v.e.r to poop. He could have finished the Illiad by now.
Made me laugh.
your kid is the BEST! please don't tell my kids I said that, though.
No he didnt! That's hilarious.
Haha, he's awesome! That's so great that you are able to be there to help out and help him.
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