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Monday, January 12, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

Yesterday afternoon, I took my sick son to an urgent care where he was seen by a kind and capable nurse practitioner. She quickly assessed him and wrote a prescription before sending us on our way. I kind of wanted to tell her this story. Kind of...

When our daughter was born ten weeks early via emergency c-section, my husband and I got a crash course in medical terminology. We learned all about NG-tubes, picc lines, desats, brady's and many more words I hope you boys and girls never need to know.

We spent hours in the intensive care unit each day and picked up invaluable information from the neonatologists and our child's primary care nurse. For 35 days straight, we sat at our daughter's isolette reading her chart, working the monitors, and reapplying electrodes. By the end of that journey we felt like medical professionals ourselves.

Our son was born premature a few years later, but because of his heart condition he was immediately transferred to a children's hospital where they had equipment to better care for him.

It was déjà vu with a twist. We were thrown into a familiar situation, in unfamiliar surroundings. Yet, we figured we were ahead of the game. At the very least, we knew the lingo and could communicate with the staff.

Or, so I thought.

Because I'm sure the nurse practitioner who met my husband upon our son's admission was quite surprised when she introduced herself, only to have him say, "We'd like a real nurse, not one who's just practicing."

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Ha! That's hilarious. You know he totally ruined her day, huh! :)
So, your husband's a wise guy, huh?! lol That's hilarious.
Hey, at least he maintained a sense of humor during a stressful time for you, right?
Very funny!
I now see where your son gets his sense of humor.....
I love his answer! Mr. Weasel once answered the question "how did your daughter come to be here" in a hospital with "When a man and a woman love each other...."
Da dum dum tish!
You guys are giving my husband too much credit! He wasn't making a joke. He meant that!

I don't know if it was anxiety or just a complete lapse in brain function, but he was asking that poor lady to get our son a nurse who had honed her skills.
Even better!
Back in the good old days, we had Doctors and we had Nurses. End of story. Now, with the physicians assistants, nurse practioners, CNAs, MPAs and all that, it's impossible to tell who knows what. Nobody wants to hear they're being cared for by someone with "practice" in their title. But what a great line!
oh my god- how embarassing- my husband would have said the same kind of thing and then I would have to roll my eyes, slap him and excuse his stupidity- like always!
Ouch! I sort of didn't think he was kidding.

I can totally empathize with you - our firstborn was 8 weeks early so I KNOW what you mean about picking up a thing or two about medical lingo.

And if there is ONE thing we learned from that experience, don't be afraid to speak up and ask questions.

So yeah, I'm right there with your husband.

Write From Karen
lol hilarious!
LOL--bet she gave him "The Look". I had an 8 week preemie too--scary stuff but I can brady, tacki, resp, and pulsox with the best of em.
That is so funny... I wonder though, really, how many times they get responses like that?
That is awesome.

What did she say? LOL.
I need to remember that one!
Sad to say but aren't they all practicing? I haven't found a doctor or nurse who has gotten it right yet.

At least a nurse practitioner is truth in advertising. ;)
Ouch! That was a stinger.
Hmmmm, that man has a lot to answer for. ;D

Hope little man is ok. xoxo
Oh no he dinnit?! Priceless.
LMAO. Oh dear.
Oh, yikes. And he really wasn't kidding?
LMAO!!!!OMGosh toooo funny!!!!
I'm sure she loved that.
That is one of the funniest things I have heard in a long time! Our little ones were in the NICU for a while too and that is SO something my husband would say. LOL

That poor nurse!

I work as a liason at the children's hospital here, and let me tell you, i LOVE the parents who can laugh a little bit or make a few jokes. it's such a tense situation, that laughing sometimes makes everyone feel better.
LOL, he was serious? Oh dear.

Of course, were you in the NICU in the past year or two, nurse practitioner would be a part of the lingo you picked up. Neonatal nurse practitioners (I hope to be one someday) are the ones pretty much running the NICUs now.
Oh, our better halves.
What a great source of material.
i'm so proud of myself!! i actually knew he was being serious when he said that! yeah, one potential blonde moment missed.

on a side note, i like the nurse practitioners better than the docs. they seem to listen better and not be offended if you dare to tell them what you think is wrong with you (since it's MY body and i know how to sort through all of the medical info out there, i'm usually right) i even figured out my pluerisy problem myself recently!

hope your son is ok and gets better soon :)
I agree with your husband!
lol - wait - he meant it?!

Oh guuuuuuurl...!
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