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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The other day, I was snuggling with my little boy when I asked, "Who's your favorite person?"

He hugged me and said, "You and Daddy both."

I tickled him a little and teased, "Both? But I'm the one who feeds you, cleans up after you, does your laundry, drives you to therapy and school, reads with you, helps you with homework, and tucks you in bed."

He replied, "Yeah, but Daddy throws me in the air."

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sounds like you need to start tossing him, then you might win :)
damn dads. They have it so easy.
It's just not fair is it?
There is that, isn't there? It's a favorite thing for little guys - and they don't grow out of it for awhile.
Your son is hilarious, a very bright little boy.
He does have a point.
Oh, snap!

Was that the point at which you hung him upside down by his ankles, dangling out the window? (grin)

The lads, they like the thrills. A grilled cheese sandwich finds it hard to compete with the feeling of flying!

Still, you KNOW he loves you. Who's he going to come to after his first breakup? YOU. Boys always need the moms...
Out of the mouths of boys.
hee heee heeee ;-)

That's hysterical. Don't worry, someday you'll be way better than daddy :-)
I might have given him a toss just then!
I love your little ones priorities...being thrown in the air is important stuff you know!
I guess nothing beats a good sling into the air? I would think food would rank higher, but what do I know? I'm afraid of heights.
He makes a valid point, you know.
Briefcase travels for business all the time. I've pretty much raised all 3 of our kids on my own. But when he does come home? He's the "fun" parent. Resented it ever? Who ME???
he's TOTALLY got a point....
I'm not going to deny that at certain stages of childhood, it's way easier being a dad.

Sorry, ladies.
And why is there first word always "dada". Its BS.
Daddies don't have to do much, do they?
LOl....he's got you there!
To a kid, that's perfectly even.
No way us Mom's can compete with throwing them up in the air.
But you don't hear him saying "do the laundry again!" "do the laundry again!" "do the laundry again!" "again,again,again!" So you know, think about that. Oh, and I do all of the other stuff on your list too. Just Sayin'. But you're right, it doesn't take much to own their affection.
LOL-ing @ Big Bad Daddy's comment!! Hilarious!! And so UNFAIR.... Spinning them in circles doesn't get kudos approximate to throwing in the air??
Ah, the simple things in life...
I pronounce that Tushy, just for fun.
Well... there is that.
Yep, that sure is a toss up! :)
And being thrown in the air is quite important and fun.
Ah, totally understandable.
that's the same reason i love my uncle ray.
We are never fully appreciated are we?? :)
That sounds about right....:)
Love it.
lol - but NOW you know how to tip the scales...! ;)
It's all relative, isn't it?
And we do it right before bedtime as well.
It's hard to compete with that.

But, um...I think Daddy has it pretty easy over there!
Taking a mental note...more tossing, more tossing. :D
Ha ha ha...just catching up in my reader. At least you can still laugh about it, right? ;-)
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