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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wrong Answer

This drawing is from some of my son's speech therapy homework from last week. For this assignment, I had to show him the picture then ask him questions about it.

I said, "Look at this. The Mom is just coming in the door and the Daddy and the little girl made a big mess in the kitchen. Now they're just sitting there eating and watching TV. What do you think will happen next?"

He replied, "Well, maybe the Mom needs to clean it up."

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Oooohhhh SNAP!

Say WHAAATT? Man, who's been setting the example here? (snort)

Perhaps someone should take the lad aside and gently explain that in the real world (the one where If Momma Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy!) one should do one's best to stay on momma's good side. Which reminds me, I have some cleaning up to do...

Funny stuff!
Ya know what's sad--my kids and husband would agree with your son :0
I showed my kids the same thing and said what you said and their response, in unison was:

"They will probably get spankings."
Wait... that's how it works in my house. That's a wrong answer?
Is the speech therapist a man?? You might need to find another one.
Definitely not the right answer!! Sheesh!
totally what my 6 y/o would say, too!
epic fail...
Oh my. The problem with our house is that nobody cleans anything up = so how would my son answer????
Well, at least you know he's a typical male :P
sad but true....I LOVE my lil sign that says 'if mama aint happy nobodys happy' LOL
Yeeup! That's the gist of things around THIS joint.
Around here dad would be getting his ass handed to him for that.
Maybe mom needs to get creative with some toys, matches and lighter fluid to get things
Oh No HE diin't!!
Oooh, ouch...
Well, look at it this way .. at least he's used to YOUR house being cleaned up by SOMEONE. If I asked my kids the same question, they'd say, "Mom will flop down on the couch...and NOBODY will do the dishes!"
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Mine would say, "That would be about the time you started throwing pots and pans in the kitchen."
The mom in my picture goes and grabs the bowl and starts eating whatever! LOL
that's too funny- a man's man! Thanks for your comment... you're definitely luckky- my dad is one of 13 and we do that exact same thing- that's the reason I never have to worry about that part of the family- at least that's one thing!
You can tell by the look on her face that the mom knows who will be cleaning it up, too.
Ohhh... snap. Has your son been living in my house?
Doesn't look that bad. And, maybe there's more to the drawing. Like, another kid off to the right who's got an evil grin on his face and flour all over his shirt. But it's true... either way, mom will end up cleaning it.
Not in my house! Time to teach the kids "housework therapy"!
Heh heh, you put him right, right?
same thing my kids would say...maybe I need to change things around here.
**hangs head in shame** my son would say the same thing..
that sadly...sounds so familiar!!
So how many paper cuts did you give him with that drawing?
I heart your son. He makes me smile!
As a speech therapist, I find this especially hilarious!
Yikes! The challenges of raising considerate men! I'm sure your future daughter-in-law will appreciate your efforts. As will your grandkids.
ha ha ha ha
obviously, this mother was only gone for about five minutes. any longer and the mess would have been logarithmically (that's a word) larger, and i dare say it would have given the dude a cramp to draw it accurately.
Oh but he's a realist. Because isn't that what is going to happen? Once Dad's butt is Velcro'ed to the couch, it ain't moving!
he is so cheekey that one! xo
I wanna know what YOU said next *L* He's a trip!
Haha, sounds familiar. My mom once left a book about procrastination in the middle of the floor to see how long it would take one of us to pick it up. Instead we walked around the book for several weeks I believe.
As wrong as it is... I am laughing WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too much.
Ha ha ha ha ha!

I'm just playing catch-up in my reader...this was too funny to pass up!
My five year old son told me tonight that I was a "great mess cleaner-upper".

Gee, thanks.
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