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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You Know It Ain't Fiction, Just A Natural Fact

The other day, I was walking around with Paula Abdul's song "Opposites Attract" in my head. Why? Because there is some sick, twisted part of my brain that is apparently into self-torture.

But in fact, dealing with opposites is part of my daily routine. My nine year old daughter and six year old son could not be more different.

Other than the fact that they were both preemies, there are little similarities between the two of them. I can probably name them on one hand. They both like roller coasters, movies, Tootsie Pops, reading books, and long walks on the beach. That's about it.

My daughter rises early, likes to help me clean, and hates to be tickled . My son has to be physically removed from his bed, makes big messes, and begs us to tickle him until he's ready to pee his pants.

She likes sparkles, he likes trucks. She like horses, he likes trucks. She likes shopping, he likes trucks. Okay, okay, he likes trains too.

My daughter is predictable, while he is a wild-card. She is well-behaved, and we call him Jim Carrey Junior. She is polite, and he once told a woman with big lips that she looked like a fish.

Tonight at dinner, they showed us yet another difference between them. Because when I grabbed some quick extras to go with our cheeseburgers, my son saw me and said, "Yum! A veggie tray!"

And my daughter said, "Yum! Sun chips!"

She totally takes after her Mother.

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Your son sounds like my kind of peeps.
I remember thinking it was easier to understand my daughters because they were so much like me. My older boy, though--my MIL was watching him once and said to my husband, Boy, you got what YOU deserve! I protested, *I* didn't!
i have two girls (and a boy): the two girls are completely totally different in every way possible. the boy? still undecided on that one. but i can tell you that all three would see nothing but sun chips.
He likes the veggie tray? wow - lucky you! I'll take the sun ships...and some chocolate.
All 4 of mine are terribly different--and oddly enough each sister takes has more in common with one of the brothers ;)
ooh, sorry...was there a post beyond the first sentence? I couldn't read it because my brain was exploding while thinking of Paula and that animated cat in the video. :)
Kid, you can make all the mess you want at Auntie Mr Lady's so long as you keep eating those veggies. :)
Your son and my son would get along famously!
It's funny, this might be the only place that we differ. My daughter? She's so unpredictable that some mornings I'm afraid to go into her room for fear that she has built some contraption over night- like a nuke- and she's just waiting for me.

My son? I could set my watch by him.

Either way they are both hysterical in their own ways!
Oh yeah, them there Sun chips rock! I like tootsie pops too, in case you were wondering.
My son is totally predictable except when it comes to food. I have been working on a post about what this kid eats and what he won't eat. I should probably finish it. Case in point; Peanuts? Yes, by the bucketful and make 'em spicy. Peanut butter? Not a chance in hell.
My girls are completely different from one another as well. One is a total spaz the other is calm, collected and only occasionally a spaz.
The four of mine, all completely different, you would think they would be alike in some ways considering there's so many of them.

I tell my girls all the time how lucky they are to have a mom who hates veggies. Because I won't cook them, which means they don't have to eat them.
Years later, I still am so envious of his love of veggies ... I thought my boy would be like that! Although, I can't complain too much - not many will eat raw peppers like mine. But broccoli has to be soaked in butter. :(
Our children could have been separated at birth... boy/girl... total opposites in almost every way. It makes life fun around our house too.
he really is so awesome!!!! xo
Your son and mine would get along famously... veggies, wild card, yup! He takes after my husband. I'm hoping the next one's a little like me. :D
This sounds like me and my wife!
Sounds like he's being raised right :)

Well, except for the trains part.... if I didn't see them everyday I might like them too.

And Sun chips??

That's just cruel!!
your kids are awesome.
Can I come over for dinner? We're having leftovers.
such a great blog some how i found you looking for things on our sons birth defect esophageal atreia, i wish you the best.
Haha, I'd totally have pegged them to be swapped there on that last one. I <3 sun chips...SO yummy :)
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