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Friday, October 10, 2008

Spanning the Globe

It has been reported that Angelina Jolie was recently tattooed with the longitudes and latitudes that mark the birthplaces of all six of her children.

In honor of my kids I've decided to take the easy way out, and just have a GPS implanted in my arm.


even easier, just let your son take a sharpie to your'll last longer!! :)
Implant the GPS in their arms instead. This way you can still hide from them when you need to.
oooh darn! weaselmomma took my idea! :-)
Hahaha! You are so freaking funny! That's so awesome!
Hee hee, I might get a picture of a bed. Niiiiice.
I'm torn on this - it's kinda unique, but kinda stupid at the same time.
I think she already had the other four - she just added the two new ones for the twins. I totally agree with weaselmomma - awesome idea.
Angie makes my head want to explode with her mom of the century crap. Just sayin'
Wow--maybe this way she will know when her skin is too full for any more tatoos that she is done adopting?!
My Lat/Lon tattoo would be way less exotic. And much shorter.

I think she's just building herself some tattoo sleeves-- there's still hundreds of other "Third World" countries overrun with orphans to go!
i don't know... I really like her. I am a sentimental/symbolism/analytical kind of girl and I think this idea is completely cool...
And this is the kind of thing that people with way too much money do.
*L* wish I thought of it first... that tattoo of hers is just so doggone ugly! It looks like some kinda thug. Weird. I DO however love the one on the back of her neck that says Know Your Rights.
have a good weekend!
I heard she was planning on having their genetic code sequences tatooed on her thigh, but was told she'd have to had swallowed Michael Moore first.
Such dedication! I just put an atlas in the bathroom reading drawer.
ah shit. you mean i didn't need to get the entire birth certificate plastered all over my butt?


Give me a freaking break.
angelina makes me throw up a little in my mouth...

but the gps unit. that has some merit. i want a tracker planted in each of my kids.

oh, wait. no i don't. i do NOT want to know where my grown children spend their grownup time. ew.
Jolie is a freak! Just make sure to turn off the voice feature on the GPS before the implant.
I swear these famous people have too much time on their hands!
No offense, Momo...but I enjoyed reading the comments more than the original post! ;-)
Did you hear me guffaw? And then the comment above about turning the voice off first. oh. my. goodness. LOL!!!
Plus that crap looks like a bar code.
Mine would have boring latitude and longitude; they were born in hospitals next door to each other in the same city.
Is it really that hard for her to find the kids or that hard for them to find her?
LOL! Love it!
I do think this particular tattoo thing is a bit weird, and her and Brad are a bit "out there", but to each her own.... I saw her cover photo for W magazine where she's breastfeeding and I think that's awesome! More power to women who are trying to get breastfeeding seen as an everyday, normal, and wonderful thing!
Bwhwhwhwhwhwwhahahaha! Had to tell my husband! Gosh, I love you.

BTW...I am feeling challenged by some of my recent comments, Just how many kids do I need to have spend the night to be really crazy...? My two best girlfriends have a total of my four....It would be fun, you think?
LOl.. good one..though I also love weaslemoms
LMAO-well i have decided to buy shock collars and remind them daily how much i love them! ;-)
I think your idea is much more practical.
Oh god, I can actually FIND YOU NOW. Thank you Jesus for Google Earth.
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