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Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Only Disrespectful If You Get Caught

I saw my son standing behind his sister, sticking his tongue out at her.

I pulled him into another room and said, "Don't stick your tongue out at people. It's not okay to do that, because it's really not nice."

He quickly replied, "But, it is okay, because she didn't see me do it."

Which means it's okay that I took $20 from my husband's wallet when he went to bed early. Right?

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Yup. He comes by it honestly, I guess! :)
The logic seems to work for Wall Street...
But Santa might be watching....
Kid's totally right.
Definitely. Hee hee.
I think your son doesn't need to go to school anymore. He understands life.
THAT, is totally ok....the old addagge is....Do as I say, NOT as I do. :) We say it for a reason, right?
I heart your son.
You better watch that one. :)
It's totally okay!
It's not illegal if you don't get caught, or at least that is how I thought about it when I was 16.
RIGHT! That's totally OKAY.
I hate to admit I'd feel the delight of being sneaky when doing such things when I was younger. When my little brothers do such things? Drives me absolutely insane.
You're such an awesome parent ;-) LOL.

You are too much and that kid of yours... oh mah hell are you in trouble ;-0

Love it.
You might have reasoned: if she didn't see it, then you wasted your effort. But then again, reason itself can be a wasted effort with kids.
You son already has the mind of a teenager. How old is he?

I unfortunatly tell my eldest to NOT tell me everything, for if I do not know it can not hurt me (or get her in trouble).
I have been gone too long! I missed this boy and his antics!
Absolutely. Because you said it out loud in the blog. =)

And you pushed out the babies. (It all comes back to that!)
I am so happy I am not the only one to do that. (the sticking the tongue out..hahahaha.. kidding.. I soo do the 20 swipe.. so much so I actually tell him I 20 swiped him..)
$20, that it? Take more next time, then if you do get caught, you'll have more to show for it.
Smart kid, he's already learned one of the basic rules of the street! lol
Ha ha ha...I'm with Kimmylyn. I own up to the swiping, too. :-P
I vote with the kid.
Love these comments... :)
You're the one swiping the 20?
Sweetheart takes my cash all the time.
Only if you you split the money with me in order to buy my silence.
Its the whole if a tree falls in a forrest and no one hears it argument. Kids going to be a lawyer.
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