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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Giving the Finger

One of my daughter's traits that I brag about is her sense of compassion. When she was little, she went to preschool with a severely delayed boy. Without prompting by us, or by her teachers, she would seek him out and invite him to play each day. She even offered him the coveted job of helping to pass out napkins on her birthday.

I can't say my son shares her kind nature. He will cry when he sees someone else upset, but we really can't be sure if that's because he feels sorry for them, or if they're just irritating him.

But at his school, they are trying to help us lead him down a compassionate road. At least a couple of times a month, my son has been taking canned goods to school to donate to needy families.

At first, he didn't understand why we were giving away perfectly good peanut butter, so I explained that we were providing food to help people who don't have any.

Yesterday, I bought these Halloween lollipops to give to some neighborhood kids.

My son saw them and said, "After dinner, I want to have one of those!"

I replied, "No. Those aren't for us."

He nodded and said, "Oh! Are we going to give them to people who don't have any fingers?"

Maybe he's getting this whole compassion thing after all.

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Helping the fingerless, one sugar coated treat at a time ;)
I think he *is* getting it!

And those are awesome! (But it says "Party Pack": must be a small party!)
Oh that was funny! Because I know he totally thinks those would be great finger replacements! LOL
I NEED to meet this kid of yours! Everything that comes out of his mouth cracks me up!

Great lollipops! Where'd you find them?
My son would want to pick his nose with those. Then his boogers would be salty *and* sweet.
Do they let kids perform at comedy clubs? Your son would be a shoo-in!
You know....I had a comment but I decided it was too dirty to post. So, I'm not.

But, I do think he is on his way to "getting" it.

Good for you.
My mind must really be in the gutter this morning because those fingers look very ... phallic to me.

I'm sorry - I'm from California! What did you expect?
That's awesome. Reasonable assumption. :)
Hahah. Those look disgusting lol.
He's definitely on to something, isn't he? :-)

I mean really, which of us couldn't use an extra finger? Especially a tasty one.
yeah, i totally went to the dark side with my comment. i'll spare you my dirty mind. ;-)
That's awesome. Just for fun you should tell him, "no, we are giving them to people who eat fingers so that they won't come eat yours." just to get a reaction. Then again, we are really twisted parents.
Fingers, ay? If you say so...

His comment, while hilarious, would have been ruder if he knew what those things looked like.
I am laughing more at the comments today than the post, which is funny enough by itself.
Just be thankful that you didn't decide to give some nuts away..
Those are really skinny... um ... fingers. I can't imagine that they would be very satisfying. *cough*
I need some for my daily commute. You CAN hyperextend the bird with repeated use.
That's just creepy. I totally just had a "Stumpy" the clown flashback. "Give me 4, kids!" Eww.
Hmm...I guess that's what happens from biting your nails too much. An extra finger might be useful for that.

(I'm using my second comment, because the first thing that came to my mind really isn't appropriate. Then again, considering the crowd here...)
oh, wow, that's good. LOL LOVE it.
Those could be handy in the case of a severe kitchen accident.
oh that was sooo cute. I think he IS getting the hang of it.
That is so great! You have the funniest kids!
That was too funny!
Those fingers are creepy. I have a thing, a phobia I guess, about detached limbs/digits.
Those fingers are great! The husband of someone I worked with a long time ago on a galaxy far far away worked for a distributing company and he would get these products that candy makers were considering putting on the market. He gave me this candy in a nose shaped container. These green little nuggets of candy dispened through a nostril were called "Pick 'N Chews". They were awesome!
What a fun Halloween treat! Your son is a little smartie innocent smartie pants and those are the best kind!
Ha ha ha...yep - I think he's got it!
Those are the funniest yukky treats I've ever seen. But the thought that they could be substitute fingers? Priceless.
Laughing so hard I might cry. Love it, give them the finger for all the right reasons!
Hee hee, that kid is cool. :D
I'm a friend of Connie's; we're at work, obviously not working hard, since we're looking at your blog!

You are hilarious! I am loving this story about the fingers!

Have you ever heard of SITS? The Secret is in the Sauce? It's a big blogging community...lots of fun! Check it out sometime. One of my favorites is Lulaville; her link is on my blogroll.

Have a great day; I'll be back to visit.
Aww, give your daughter a hug for me. I have a soft spot for children (and people in general) with disabilities, and it warms my heart to see compassionate people treating them well. I used to volunteer at a therapeutic riding stable for children with disabilities, and my favorite ed class in college was the one on special education.
Your son is too cute!
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