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Friday, September 12, 2008

Calgon, Take Me Away

A few years ago, my son's cardiologist told us that he would never be allowed to play contact sports. I had grown accustomed to imagining my boy as the next Tiger Woods (and me being a very rich Mommy), so I was surprised at his last heart check-up when the doctor cleared him to play soccer.

Now, let's get something straight...I have one tough boy. This kid has had more needles in his veins in six years than most people have their whole lives. But, apparently the hospital is one thing and the soccer field is something else entirely.

At practice last night, after 50 minutes of drills, my kid hit a wall. The first time he complained was when he was playing defense in a scrimmage. He stopped in his tracks and yelled, "Mom! I'm tired."

I yelled back from the sidelines, "You're okay! You can hang in there for 10 more minutes!"

Then the second complaint, "Mom! My tummy hurts!"

Again I said, "Come on, buddy! You can do it! Just five more minutes!"

And, he was hanging in there just like I told him to...until, with just two minutes left in the practice, he took a hard-kicked ball right in the ear.

He burst into tears and ran off the field to me. I checked him out, then said, "I know you're tired, but your ear looks okay. You can do this! When you're playing on a team, you have to be there for your teammates. They need you. Now get back in there and show them what a big, strong, tough kid you are!"

When it didn't appear that would convince him...I whispered something in his ear.

He then trotted back to the field for some inspirational words from the coach and one final huddle. They ended the practice by having the team put their hands together as they chanted, "One. Two. Three. TIGERS!"

Then my big, strong, tough boy ran off the field yelling what I thought would stay a secret, "Okay, Mom! Let's go home so I can get my bubble bath!"

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I was inspired by your encouraging him to be tough because "his team needed him"--brilliant.

Now I'm just in awe because I would never have thought to offer a bubble bath to any of my kids. Again---brilliant.
ah, zee bubble bath!!

Lord how I wish I could use a bubble bath to entice my 6 year old. Water and soap are poison to him. His idea of a bath is one of three things: rain, hose, pool. You are very lucky!
Oh too cute! Even manly men... er boys... need their bubbles.
A lot of big, strong, tough kids need a bubble bath every once in awhile!

Very cute!
Oh, I just wanna squeeze him tight.
awww- I want to hug him, too!
I've never been a big fan of Calgon but my son, since a very early age has loved it. He discovered it when I was sniffing body wash bottles in the cosmetic aisle. He sniffed that blue box and fell in love. Yeah, it's one of his favorite motivators too. :)
Well whatever it takes to motivate them right? LOL I wish a bubble bath was enough incentive for me to get my stuff done too. =)
EVERYONE loves a good bubble bath--I bet his teammates were jealous!
I need to store this somewhere in my memory as a bribe for my 4 year old daughter. She quits almost everything she tries, but I bet she would do them for a bubble bath.
Tough guys need soft skin too.
Heck! You can still bribe me with promises of bubble baths!
I bribed my with a new Barbie everytime. But that got to be a little expensive. And of course she was just as happy with a chocolate shake.
Wow, you got away with a bubble bath bribe? My kids drain my wallet with the bribes they require. If my almost 4 year old will.please.just.use.the.goddamn.potty, we'll be looking at paying for a trip to Disneyland --- for a family of 5.

Pull-ups & Jack Daniels are cheap in comparison.
I've been a devoted football (soccer) fan for 25 years, and I'd LOVE to know what a scrimmage is?

awwww a bubble bath If I had only known this years ago...
brilliant use of the bribe.

even funnier that it didn't bother him to blab it.
oh, that is so sweet!
guess he aint too proud! You could write a book Momo, seriously.
The last sentence of the comment just before mine needs to go through your head over and over.
Hey, even the pros like a good bubble bath now and then. He'd be a wuss NOT to announce it to everyone.
i hope we don't *all* have to play before getting one. . .

wait. . . i mean i'm going to take my own. sometimes these lines backfire on you...

i once told queen of hearts i would buy her a new gamecube game if she did just *one* more pliete . i flipping paid goooood money for those stupid ballet classes...
Oh that's a classic temptation. I love it!
You're a great mom; good job :) Motivated by a bubble bath, huh? Very impressive! (does this mean you normally just hose him down in the back yard with a cold hose??)
I love him. I am off to follow his wise example...
Your son has an appreciation for the finer things in life.
My little soccer star uses my bath gel and fluffy pink sponge. Real tough guy.
I love that! I thought I was the only one who used that bribe with her son. Whoot!
OMG... that, now THAT was priceless!!!!
LOL ah man, I totally laughed outloud at this one! Too funny....
It doesn't get any cuter than that!
As always....thanks for the giggle. :)
Ha! I thought this would be a secret like the end of Lost in Translation....but that secret was awesome and would totally work for me!
See? Bubbles really do make everything better. Haha.
What a great story! Your son sounds too sweet for words.
That's why Mom's rule! What coach would ever offer a bubble bath. :D So you are officially a soccer Mom now? :D
Hey, a bubble bath is enough to convince me!

:( Sure coulda used one after Saturday's game!! I'm SICK. [insert puking, green smiley face here]
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Too sweet!
Aw! See -- everyone loves a good bubble bath! : ]
You need to write a book of your awesome mom skills.. seriously.. who doesn't love a good bubble bath..

he is a rock star that little man of yours..
He is so adorable Momo. I cold just squeeze him, but I promise I won't.
Awwww... he is going to grow up to be the same kind of guy as my husband. All hard candy coating on the outside, soft and gushy on the inside. I love those men. They have the best moms.
That is so incredibly cute. We mommies know the keys to our tough boys' hearts, don't we?
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