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Sunday, August 10, 2008

So Mom...Did You Spoil Her Much?

My daughter just returned home from a three-day trip to my Mom's house. I figured it would be good for my kid to have some time alone with her Grandma.

Grandma reported that her youngest grand-daughter was polite, helpful, and easy to get along with, and that they had a wonderful time together. In fact, it was so wonderful that my Mom said, "I asked her if she wanted to move in with me."

I laughed, knowing full well that my daughter would have none of that. My Mom doesn't own a Wii...or even a computer. The horrors.

I asked, "What did she say?"

Proud Grandma replied, "Well, she said she'd love to! But, I told her she would miss you guys too much. And, do you know what she said to that?"

"No," I answered hesitantly. What?"

"She said that as long as she had a picture of you and could occasionally see you on weekends, she'd be just fine."

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LOL! Way to let you down a bagful!

Good luck detoxing her from the spoiling - it ain't easy!
hah!!!! let the deprogramming begin!
Ha Ha Ha!! Love it.
Grandchildren are God's reward to our parents for surviving us, and His joke on us for what we did to them ;-)
That is so cute!!
Showing that the quick comeback must be genetic.
LOL! At least she wanted a photo ... that's something.
They can all manage to be perfect for a weekend. Grandma might be the one rescinding the offer after a couple of weeks. =P
I think my son would be fine living with anyone so long as they had candy.

That's the real reason parents tell kids not to take candy from strangers-- we don't want competition for the right to put up with them.
Grandma must have cookies and chocolate. Heck, I'd stay at your mom's house for that.
Mom and Dad? Yeah, I remember them. They made me eat vegetables and clean my room. Pssh.
That's a riot!!
Ha; another knife to the back. All of my kids except Owen wanted to move in with my friends when we were in Seattle. Even Sam, who three weeks ago told me he loved me so much that he was going to live with me forever. And all of them said, "We can see you for two weeks every summer!" Nice.
ha ha ha ha

My son would have made the same choice except that we already DO live with gramma!
Ha!!! I see a genetic trade here...
That is so funny. And so typically girlie!
That's just hilarious. But, will she get a turtle or a paper route?
Remind her of that when she wants the car keys....
That's awesome. Now if I could get just ONE of my girls to feel that way...
Well, don't you feel loved.
Look at it this way--that's one less college fund you need to worry about.
*snicker* that's love for 'ya!
Hahaha - she must have made some pretty good cookies to bribe her to stay.

Of course, just think of the time you'd have..
LOL - she'd get along just fine with my eldest - he'd say the same dang thing about me, I'd bet!
very cute. We just got back from vacation and after a week of being with my son every day I dreaded the fight I would have Monday morning on my way back to work. I told my 2 yr old Mommy has to work today but daddy is home with you. He looked right at me and with a big grin said BYE BYE mommy. Put the keys in.
GOtta love it!
Ouch! Well at least this confirms how much she loves her grandma!

Don't feel bad. Several times I've gone to pick up my youngest from my mom's after work only to have him tell me that he wanted to stay with her instead.
Miss E is at my Mum's tonight. Will she miss me?? Naaaah.
Well at least you won't be forgotten....
You're not going to turn that down, are you? You're going to hand her a bus ticket and a photo, right?
Well.. at least your daughter wants a picture of you... Mine doesn't even need that! A quick phone call now and then is enough for her.
Ouch! I guess it's good she has such a close relationship with her grandma? I bet given a few days or so she might change her tune.
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