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Friday, August 29, 2008

The Finer Things

While I'm on vacation this week, the theme of my posts has been Momo's Show and Tell. And yet, you're still here. Glutton for punishment, eh?

We discussed random. We discussed my Buckeye fever. Today, we'll talk about my attraction to wine.

See this wine bottle? It's holding my favorite flavor. What? I can call it a flavor if I want to.

What's so lovely about this particular Riesling is that it almost comes up to my six year old's waist. That's what I like to call "more bang for your buck". It was purchased at Sam's Club, where the butcher sommelier told me it was quite yummy.

But, even it's bitter I'll still drink it. I am an equal opportunity imbiber.

My father-in-law makes homemade wine that is some of the best I've ever tasted. And, talk about a bang. Whew! His wine will knock your socks and shoes off.

You'll wake up the next morning and notice you've stuck your Chuck Taylors to the ceiling with masking tape. Then you'll wonder how it happened, because the last thing you remember was skipping down the sidewalk catching butterflies and singing Just Between You and Me.

So the next time you raise a glass of wine to your lips, think of me. My father-in-law is here on vacation with us for the next couple of days, which means I'll likely be walking around barefoot.

Let me know if you're interested in adopting a butterfly.

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OMG!! Love the size. Wish we could buy that in our sam's club in pa. Stupid pa. Stupid state controlling the liquor.

Now that's what I call wine!
And I'm a sucker for pets, send me a butterfly or three.
Wow. LOL!
Wow! I may have to drag my 6 year old to Sams and see where it comes up to on him!!
I love it. I sure could use a bottle like that some days. I mean, some weeks.
That is one HUGE bottle of Wine!!!

I left you a lil something on my blog
Ah yes, the true sign of a good wine is a bottle as big as a school going child.
"I am an equal opportunity imbiber". I'm dying here...I am too, and last week I managed to drink a bottle of the worst wine ever made. It's a local winery and they used concord grapes. So, yeah it tasted like sour grape juice. With the after taste of grape jelly. All i needed was some peanut butter. Send a butterfly my way:)
that's awesome... I'm a late harvest Riesling fan. LOVE it...
I wil raise my glass of Grey Goose and pretend its wine and think of you.
Oh yes. I am a wine-o too!
I loved the post..but XBOX comment killed me..hahaha
I'd have bought the wine simply BECAUSE it was half as big as my kid!
i'm on my way. break out an extra glass!!!
That is one gorgeous bottle of vino! I will be thinking of you tonight. I am headed off to a friend's 40th birthday party with my large bottle of White Zinfindel. Salute!
Good Lord, woman!! Every time I read something new you've written I find something else we have in common!

I LOVE Riesling!!
Mmmm, I have just slurped a glass of white zinfandel. If they made them that size here I think I would faint with joy. Sighhh.
Thanks momo now all i want to do is drink and not work. Have fun on your vacation.
Bottles of wine like that are why I no longer dring; because to me they are like chips-no one can drink just one. :0
Now that's a bottle of wine my friend! Love it!
Outsized bottles of alcohol are one of life's joys!
I need that bottle ;)
That's a beautiful bottle of wine. And Riesling, too - my favorite! Party at your place, eh?
I totally knew it was April Wine before clicking but clicked anyway - love it!
So THAT'S where my butterfly went! I chase him all the time. I need to hang with your father in law.
wow. i so want some wine now.

but it's bedtime...
I love wine too, but since I've been nursing... well, unfortunately I know exactly where my Chuck's are.
I wish my FIL had such a cool hobby. That bottle, is what, two, three glasses worth?
Now THAT'S a bottle of wine I could really wrap my straps around! :)
*Snickering* gimme some of that...I love butterflies!
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