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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Since I'm in the mood to share, and because it's just two days until kick-off, I thought I would tell you about my passion for all things Buckeye.

Buckeyes, like these.

This particular bunch hangs from a shelf near my back door. Because you never know when you're going to be running out and feel the need to put on a necklace made from poisonous nuts.

Some of these were purchased from street vendors, some were made by my father-in-law and two of them were made by my kids when they were in preschool. makes me weepy just thinking about their little hands working with strings, magic markers and toxic beads.

I am an Ohioan born and bred. I have traveled far, but have always lived within a few miles of the hospital where I was born. I like it that way. (Though not so much that I couldn't be convinced to winter in Arizona. Just sayin'.) The only college choice for me was The Ohio State University.

I love me some Ohio State football. It doesn't get much better than waking before sunrise, tailgating with good friends and family in an electric environment, watching The Best Damn Band in the Land, then having the boys play "toss the rag doll" with the likes of Michigan. Gag. Hack. Sorry. I can't type the word Michigan without my lunch coming up.

And yes, I'm fully aware that Ohio State is the best #1 team to always end up #2. Okay, okay. We're not so good at winning championships. It's a lot like going to prom and instead of dancing with the cheerleaders, our boys end up dancing with their Moms who just happen to be there chaperoning. But, at least they get to dance.

That's right. I am not a fair-weather fan. I don't care if they tango with their great-aunt and her oxygen tank. I'll be there to cheer them on.

Football season is about to begin. Fear the nut, people. Fear the nut.

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LMAO @ "Fear the nut, people, Fear the nut." You are a nut! I do have to say though, that anyone I have known from Ohio has been the same way. Must be something in the water?
It's okay. I still like you.
As my going away gift when I left my teaching position . . . I got a bunch of nuts. As a born and bread Michigander, I didn't get it.

A Michigander deep in Ohio . . . such a joy.

Going to put on my blue and gold now :)


I can't escape it!!! The 7 years I was in Michigan I was always caught in the middle of the Michigan/Ohio stuff. Middle because I didn't care. (though be default, when I was forced to watch a game, I guess I secretly rooted for Ohio due to my detestation of all things Michigan related...)
You crack me up. You know, I don't think I ever really knew what a buckeye actually was. Your blog is always so educational and enlightening. ;)
I do fear the nut!
My uncle Sean had poisonous nuts.

His wife choked to death.
This is how I came to read you....'cause the Mighty Mizzou came to be #1 last year (for a bit)....and we are now ranked #4 at the start of of the year...YOU must fear us....It is now our time. We have suffered long and hard.

a buns life...I'm with you! I can't wait for Saturday.

I grew up in Wisconsin as a Badgers fan, but I have fallen for Mizzou football. We even went to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl on New Years.
i never once went to our lame football stadium. not once. they sucked and everyone was too cool. i still regret it.
I applaud your loyalty to the Buckeyes. I loved Woody Hayes when I was a kid; especially when he punched that kid from Clemson. Classic Woody. Too bad that's all most people remember. He was quite a character.
yer funny. I don't like anything Michigan...I guess that's a good thing.
I love American Football for one reason -the fans. You are all totally nuts is a happy way unlike our (English) Football (not soccer - football) fans who are all just nuts in a 'please take them away and have them crushed and sprinkled on top of a dessert' form.
Easily the best of the Big 10. And I live in Michigan.
As a Buckeye myself (class of 93 in JUR) I say I-O

I am pumped--fear the nut indeed!

You know what's crazy? You brought back a memory that is from 1991!! I'nm in CT but was dating this guy who was originally from OH. I wouldn't even have remembered that part except that his family was sincerely crazy about the BAND! We went for a very long drive to get him a car and had to listen to OH State band marching music - the whoooole time.......
Geaux Tigers!

I'm sorry, I live here but I loathe the nut.


I make peanut butter and chocolate Buckeye candy every Christmas. It's a damn delicacy around here. My family will beat each other senseless for them.

Couldn't have said all that better myself.

And you don't have to be from Ohio to have half a brain and realize that Ohio State is THE best college football team in history. I live in PA - PSU SUCKS - and I am a diehard Buckeyes fan.

FEAR THE NUT, indeed!
P.S. Hope you don't mind - I put a link to your FANTASTIC post on my blog! I've got my counter-downer set up for KICKOFF time!

(++) GO BUCKS! (++)
Well said, my dear. Well said. Go Bucks and Muck Fishigan!
Okay, I have seen you around the buzz, but haven't checked out your blog until today. This is good stuff! I am chuckling out loud. You have a talent for the funny, quite a way with words. I lived in Ohio for a few years and nearly had to put on a diaper to get through this post.
Living in Cbus for a few years, we were welcomed by Buckeyes littering our yard opening day, I suspect because of our humongo Texas Longhorn flag. Or our license plates that say "HOOK EM" or perhaps our all orange media room....But it was fun. My son did refuse his Buckeye necklace during craft time in preschool the weekend before Michigan played you guys even saying he hoped they beat O-H-I-O. Kids say the darndest. In all honestly though, nobody can beat your fight song.
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