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Thursday, August 14, 2008

But, Who's Going To Pay My Mortgage?

In an interview with Conde Nast Traveler, Matt Damon was quoted as saying, "I think many of our problems as a country would be solved if people had thick passports. There's just no substitute for actually going and seeing things."

Thanks Matt. We'll get right on that.


Heh, I'll have to tell my single-father-next-door-neighbor that he just needs to travel more. The fact that he couldn't even swing a camping trip with us three weeks ago because of childcare and financial issues is, of course, irrelevant.
Wow, he's a genuis. He may have just solved the worlds problems with one idea. He should run for president. It must be really nice not having to worry about anything else besides the thickness of your passport!
I thought he was down with the little guy. I thought wrong.
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You know what? If Mr. Damon bankrolls the trips, I'm down with that.
Consider the source. Conde Nast Traveler's demographic could absorb the cost of taking, say, the entire US population on a trip or 3 abroad.
Poor Matt Damon. So silly to say something so stupid.
i will be the first to sign up for the damon-bankrolled world tour.
Am I the only one who also thinks his face looks like ass? just saying.
matt damon is right! because he IS A CELEBRITY.
Spoken as only the privileged rich can.

What brilliant advice. insert eye roll here.
Who knew that you had to just travel (damn!) to make millions. Seems logical... ?

This just adds to my theory that celebrities should just stick to doing whatever they're paid to do... And leave it at that. I mean, as a photographer, you don't want my medical advice, right?
I'm off to solve some problems. I think I'll start with a safari, then maybe visit the Great Barrier Reef.
And food and medical care should all be free too. I'll worry about traveling AFTER I figure out how to keep my insurance company from raping me for daughter's asthma meds.
I was so needing that great insight...
Um. I cant even get to the beach. Must be nice for Matt to get in all that world wide traveling with his thick passport.

Right-o, Matt! We'll get right on that.
What has the thickness of the passport got to do with anything?

Besides in my experience far form broadening the mind, travel makes people extremely arrogant, insular and boring.

Not to mention it is hypocritical since by going to somewhere you are destroying the thing that you supoosedly came to see - of and pretty much condemning the people who do live there to a low wage economy and a glorious future of concrete and subservience.
And if starving families ate cake instead of complaining about not being able to afford bread, then the world would be even better ;)
Seriously! I would LOVE to travel more, but my employer would frown upon that.
our problems as a country? people are going to be less homeless and more well off and better healthied up and more edumacated because they have been to mexico?


i should be way better off than half the people i graduated with.

why aren't i?!?!?!

also, it is supposed to clear up acne.
it doesn't.
Why do celebrities feel the need to speak?
And why do so many feel compelled to listen to them as though their celebrity imbues them with actual wisdom?

Matt, I humbly accept your gracious offer to pay for my regular foreign vacations. Thanks!
Matt Damon is the greatest genius of all time as shown in Team America World police.

Matt Damon: Matt Damon!
Wow, brains as well as, as, ...I got nothing.
Can we say, "out-of-touch"? *eye roll* Gosh, if only I'd thought of THAT one first. perhaps he chose the wrong profession? He should have been a presidential advisor! Bush & all his world leaders friends & foes could have been kickin it up, poolside in some foreign country as we speak instead being at war. Too bad he became an actor. He's a real winner that one *L*
Is he offering to pay for me to tour the world? Because really, if money weren't an issue, I'd be traveling Europe right now.
I didn't read the article so I don't know the context but I suspect he was trying to establish a point with which I agree - One can't help but love America for the wonderful country she is after visiting other places.

I'm not wealthy but I've been fortunate enough to visit many parts of the world. As much as I enjoy seeing other places, the best part of any trip is coming home.

So perhaps he was referring to philosophical or political differences so that rather than arguing how to solve homelessness and hunger, we could compromise and agree on a solution.

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