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Momo Fali's: Then He Asked, "How High?"

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Then He Asked, "How High?"

At my daughter's softball game a few days ago, my son was playing with a six year old girl. He loves this girl. If she's not at a game to watch her big sister, he will continually ask me where she is.

As a matter of fact, when she arrived at the ballfield, he ran to her with arms wide open, yelling her name, and for a second, I thought he was going to tackle her. You never know with this kid. It's not unreasonable to think he would pounce on her chest like a puppy and start licking her face.

They were playing behind our row of chairs and at one point I turned around to see my boy jumping furiously.

When we got home I asked, "Why were you jumping so much tonight?"

And, I decided I'm going to sit him down to have a talk with his Dad because his reply was, "Because Grace told me to."

I like to discuss adult relationships too, so don't miss my question for Dads at Discovering Dad today. Their answers may surprise you...

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Awww...he'll make Grace such a nice husband.
He's obedient. What's the problem? lol
She sounds amazing, Grace...

girls rule!!!
boys drool!
ha ha
Jeez, why can't I find a guy like that?
Boy, you ladies like to start the assimilation early, don't you?
Where was your son when I was looking for a husband? Ha! And to think I ended up with a man named Briefcase!
*laughing at XBOX's comment*

What a cutie pie. I love how acquiescent he is. What a doll.
Wow, training a good little husband there. ;)
oh no. he's in for a world of trouble one day...
I had a friend over once, and our three-year-olds were playing together when we suddenly realized we hadn't heard them for awhile. Gone. Where on earth? That led to a search outside, where my Jennie burst into tears when we found them. What on earth? Child! You know you're not allowed to...(This was New Hampshire in the winter, there was snow on the ground, and it was about ten degrees outside. How they opened the door without our noticing, I'll never know.)

"He told me I HAD to!"

We had a little talk right then and there about who parents were vs peers and which one she was going to listen to from now on, thankyouverymuch.

It still gives me the shivers.
Oh, and, she's 26 now and lives in Vermont, while we her parents bask in the warmth of California.
She already knows she can wield that feminine power! Go Grace...and how cute is your son??? Adorable story!
Yeah, she toys with him now, but when she grows weary of it all... Huh. Dad needs to 'splain the facts to him.
He knows what's good for him!
"the tao of momo fali's son". i so need to present that book to my husband. i repeatedly ask my husband to jump and he never ever does.
wow! You've done well with him- I have a few girls that could use an obedient male in about 10-15 years.
He might get all that obedience out of his system now, and turn into a husband that NEVER does as he's told, errr, asked :)
Then again, that'd make him pretty normal, I guess.
LOL - after hearing so many stories about him, that was the LAST thing I expected to hear.

But you gotta admit: He's learning early. ;)
Not a good sign..she must be something ☺
Grace Girlie'll make you
Girlie Grace'll make you

Oh - and happy belated bloggyversary!!! I'm there in a couple months myself :)
LOL ... I love that! :)
My oldest is the dame way. There is a little girl who is a year older than him and he will do whatever she says. It's cute, but could be scary.
Thanks for asking the Dads such an awesome question for the What Dads Think - What Moms Want to Know series Momo! I really appreciate you participating, and I love the comments people are posting about your question. I hope others will join in on the conversation! Thanks again, and happy 4th!
Heh heh, girls are so cool.
But did she say how high? Too funny.
Ohhhhh he's going to be such a friggin' catch. I'm telling you.
Wait, if a boy likes you, he'll do everything you tell him to? Crap, I'm screwed.

I know it's not a unique thought, but he sounds like a pretty run-of-the-mill boyfriend. Once he reached the husband-like stage, he'd do the same things but he just wouldn't be so happy about it.
lol...always laughing when I come by here :D
i wonder what grace's parents are like! does her dad do everything her mom tells him to? does she tell or ask? and would you want them as inlaws? interesting!
I love him!

PS;Happy 4th Of July Weekend. I hope you're having fun!
He is just too adorable.. haha
I sure like that blog post!! :)
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