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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

She Must Be Italian

Yesterday, a UPS delivery was set on our back porch and my daughter went to retrieve it. I heard her bring it in, and from the other room I asked, "What is it?"

She replied, "It's for Dad. It's a white box and it says fra-gee-lay".


That is absolutely adorable. I know you got a big giggle out of that one ;-)
Ha! That reminds me of that Nicholas Cage skit on Saturday Night Live. "It's ass-wee-pay!"
Was it a major award?

Reminds me of a story from Uncle George, who was a high school teacher in a low-income, high hispanic population school. One of his young female students had a baby girl. She proudly brought the baby to school. When asked about the baby's name (it was unusual), she stated that the nurses had put a name on the baby's bed in the hospital, and they liked it so much, they decided to keep it! The name? Pronounced, "Femmaley Jones" That's right. The nurses had named her baby Female Jones. True story.
this is very similar to ass-par-tuh-may. otherwise known as aspartame. i think we should all make a pact and speak like this whenever possible.
No she din't.
love it!
I must remember to use that when I'm next hungover.

Let me be, Im fra-gee-lay...
Seriously one of my favorite movies ever that I did not even have to click over to know what it was.. hahahahah classic.
Don't put a run in the fishnets when you go to turn it on; it's a major award. Oh, and don't shoot your eye out.
It must italian :)
You now may never pronounce it correctly ever again.
Love it!!
ha! I knew I'd heard that somewhere, thanks for the link or it would've driven me crazy all day.
So cute!
well, who doesn't want a naturally bi-lingual child??? :)
I love that movie.
Like dysfunctional said--I would have driven myself nuts had you not put the link. I love that movie!
My kids say that- but they've seen the movie and are just posers.
It took me a split second but I got that reference.

This is my daughter's favorite Christmas movie. I love her taste!
That's my kind of kid. Hope dad doesn't ask her to help him change the tire.
One of my favorite movies of all time!!
I LOVE that movie.

Also, I hear you on the magazine front. What is it with demographics these days? I had the same problem with bathing suits -- they were all either teeny bopper or grandma, and nothing in between.
Hee hee, that's really cute. Now, I tagged you for some silliness lovely momo, but if you don't fancy it that's ok. :D

I can't stop laughing at this one!... I love how you turn "real life" moments into the best content ever...
Hope it was a nice leg-lamp to sit in your front window!
ha ha ha ha

yes....sounds Italian to me!
Wow! Christmas in July!
That's my favorite designer!
Dammit, Philly beat me to it.
My favorite post of the day . . .
hahaha, cute!
LOL We always pronounce it that way.

Would you believe I have never seen that whole movie?
that is so stinking cute!!
I LOVE IT! That's so funny...what a great movie. I can't wait for Christmas!
I don't know about your kids during this summer, but my daughter has completely forgotten how to read or spell it seems. I had a big box about the other day, and she asked what "Sue-Gar" was!
I love kids' mispronunciations.
Oh... That's definitely Italian!!! LOL...
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