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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Say Hello To My Little Friend - The Sequel

A few weeks ago I introduced you to Bruiser. This is Bruiser's friend Betty. But, Betty is not a pimple, nor is Betty a belly-button, even though she closely resembles one. She resides smack-dab in the middle of my chest and is about the size of a dime. Please ignore the sun spots, they're trying to steal Betty's thunder.

Betty is a scar. Just over a year ago, I found a very tiny bump. A bump so small, it was barely noticeable. Of course, to me it seemed quite large...and hideous. Bad enough to go see a dermatologist who, in 10 seconds flat, shaved that bump right off.

But, the scar that was left was far worse than the original bump, so I went back. To the same dermatologist. I'm smart like that.

I told her to cut the scar tissue out and stitch up the wound so my scar would be linear. Years ago I had plastic surgery on my face for a crater of a chicken pox scar, using that same procedure, and it worked like a charm.

Only, I'm not 21 anymore and my wounds don't heal like they did way back then. What was supposed to be a linear scar, not only still resembles the original mark left from the shaving, but there are more, little scars from the stitches.

What once was a little bump, is now so bad that I can't wear half the shirts in my closet. Well, I can, but people's eyes gravitate directly to Betty. She transfixes people like a laser beam.

I think Betty resembles a cigarette burn, while my husband thinks she's more of a newborn butthole. Either way I win, don't you think?


I think it looks like a cigarette burn on a newborn butthole. Which, by the way, is my favorite word=butthole.
newborn butthole? Did He SAY that to you?

this is where I put: OMG!

Poor unloved Betty. Maybe she just wants accessories?
Newborn butthole...never thought about it but when I read that, it seemed to fit.

I have a scar like that on my neck.
HELLO LITTLE FRIEND! don't you know you are unwelcome? sigh....didn't think so!
I mean it, you need to get some mederma. Or some other kind of scar gel. It works on old scars over time but you gotta use it religiously. Also, I've heard Dr. Blaine's is good, but I think that's some kind of patch or something.
My then-toddler daughter had surgery on a large precancerous spot that started smack dab in the middle of her neck. The plastic surgeon at Stanford told us to go buy some of that white paper medical tape you can buy in any drugstore, and keep it on the spot 24/7 for six months at a minimum. He said the tiny bit of pressure that would put on the skin would keep the scarring way down. (My husband's side is into making huge scars.) And since the operation made a line going around her neck and partway down her back, it could make a real slasher look otherwise.

She's 22 now and you can barely see it.
You hang around with some crazy friends sister.
That doesn't sound too fun. :-/
Oh Man ... I had a mole removed from my southern hemisphere that left a scar just like that. But, in my case, clothes generally keep that area covered.
I totally thought that was a belly button! My hbby has some really bad scars like that - i think they are called keloid scars? He hates them. You have a much more carefree attitde about Betty!
I have a Betty too!! Right on my chest, from a mole that was removed, and I'm still not sure what is worse. The mole or the round "disc" that was left....Poor poor Betty. She gets no love. I did think yours was a belly button the way the picture looks with your t-shirt. For a second I thought you were getting a bit risque' with us!
the newborn butthole analogy stopped me in my tracks.. :)
I didn't know that women your age still wore half shirts! LOL, totally teasing there. I like the butthole analogy myself. And my daughter had a big-ass mole removed from her back and has a scar three times as big-but better that than dying of skin cancer, right? Her dermatologist (whom I actually have a crush on)said that hers will eventually fade to look like a small pox vaccination scar, and she was like, what? what is smallpox? I AM old. But hers is on her back, so nobody sees it. :)
It really does look like a belly button but one of a 40 week pregnant woman.
Random staring people: "Hey, what's that THING on your chest?"

Totally cool Momo: "It the tracking device they left behind when they abducted me to their mother ship and DID things to me. You might not want to stand too close. "
Middle of your chest?

Oh please apply some nice brownish crayon to it and prance around town flaunting your third nipple!
i think mr lady has the right idea here.

i'm not going to tell you that for the BRIEFEST of blind moments, it looked like the form of a little hand or foot or other protuberance (today's 50-cent word) on a pregnant belly.

sorry. i'll shut up now.
I'm going to with cigarette burn.

I think Betty needs some makeup and fake eyelashes, give people something to REALLY stare at!
i love that you've embraced your scar and named it. way to make her feel right at home.
I totally know what you mean. I had a mole removed from my neck a couple years ago and the scar is far worse than the mole ever was. The worst part is that the mole wasn't cancerous. It was just dark so they took it off and left a very unfortunate scar that I now have to look at every day. Damn those incompetent dermatologists! I mean c'mon, what happened to all those years of medical school??
I'm still in shock from a few posts ago. Who knew you had a real name?
Did he say 'newborn butthole' ?
So does that make you a butt chest?

Lord love a duck darlin'.
I'd see a new plastic surgeon/dermatologist. I got nothing.

Hugs cutie.
You could always get a tatoo to incorporate Betty. Hm...maybe add a butt crack?
Hi, Betty. Why are you bugging such a nice girl?

Hey, hope the speech goes/went well. Hope you didn't do the Y-M-C-A. ;)
I have a similar scar in the middle of my chest. It's awful.... I feel your pain! My doc wants to inject mine with Cortizone... or Cortisol or something. All I know is it hurts like the devil when they stick a needle in that thing. OUCH
Feeling your pain
Andi in VA
Last year I had a small cyst removed from the cleavage side of my left boob. I would have left well enough alone, but it had ruptured and gotten infected. It was gross and hurt, severly. The scar that is left is now about 3/4 of and inch by almost 1/2 of an inch. ALL BECAUSE OF GRAVITY! The dang boobs and their sagging. UGH!
I too have a visible scar that I loathe. Maybe I need to name it. Other than "Biggest Two Mistakes of My Life," that is.

Sorry for yours.
Yikes... why oh why are they always in the worst places? Maybe tattoo over it with a tattooed chain and tell everyone its a necklace...
Joey walked up and asked, "Who's belly button is that?"

I replied, "Diane's."

I'm funny like that.
So there with you. My husband had this odd little skin tag thingy on his jawline. He was at the dermatologist for a different issue and the guy said "would you like me to take that off for you?" so he did.

And now? A decade later he STILL has this huge scar (think two pencil erasers) on his jawline. It hurts in the cold, itches when he has facial hair around it...
I'd tell people it's a third nipple and to please stop staring. Get a tiny bra tattooed around it!! I'm just trying to make you laugh, you need it! Newborn butthole...only a man
I had a colorless mole of the tip of my nose for the longest time, it never bothered me because I guess I was just used to it but people kept telling me, "you know you could get that taken care of." So eventually I got a complex and had it removed, ti does look better but grownups should know better than to stare.
a tattoo. what you need is a tattoo. not one of a butt. a butt on your chest would be so many kinds of wrong. unless it was a cute baby's butt.

no, that would be wrong too. how about a cute little puppy? yes, that's better, isn't it?

i'm telling you, it's the wave of the future.
At first glance, I thought it was a photo of a belly. How funny that you named it. Hubby needs a good anal-reference comeback for his observation. Then he should buy you the bling-bling for Betty to hide behind.
you are beautiful even if you have a cigarette burn, bellybutton looking scar. I think its cute.
I can relate. I so envy people with perfect skin!

If you catch someone staring at it...flash them your boob to distract them.
I can relate. I so envy people with perfect skin!

If you catch someone staring at it...flash them your boob to distract them.
I hate to say it, but upon staring at it (pictures beat real life for that reason) it looks kinda like a spider is trying to crawl out from under your skin.

So what you need to do is counteract it with an understated happy little tattoo, like a flower or something.

Don't feel too bad, though, cause I have a few odd marks of my own, and I know I'm not the only one.
I thought it was a 'outie' belly button- but once you explined the location- I'm going with third nipple.
Maybe you could pierce her--I mean since everyone's looking--add some bling for all to enjoy ;)
Oh no.
I so needed this.
Show Betty with pride, sista.
They only stare cuz they're jealous.
I have a scar very similar to that, but it is from a brown recluse bite and everyone tells me that it looks like a cigarette burn.
Hey! I have a matching one! in almost the exact same place. Mine was a deep zit that I got 4 years ago. It just never went anywhere and froze like a snapshot in time. Lucky for me, I don't have to wear lo-cut tops.
Dang, how come you and BD get matching buttons.
I have a Betty too! Sadly, mine is on my neck, a result of the only vain moment I've had in my life when I had a birthmark removed a year ago. Karna's a bitch. Betty is a keloid scar. The more you try to fix her the worse she gets. Sadly, my neck is too short for turtlenecks and young children, who supposedly say the darndest things but I find to be quite rude and hurtful, like to tell me how ugly, gross and scary it is. It really helps with my self-image, I'm really glad I'm single an bot worried about it *at* all.

If you ever find a fix for your baby belly button butthole let me know, I feel your Betty... I mean pain.
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