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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Meet Bruiser. Bruiser is my new buddy. He showed up just in time for the FIVE parties we'll be attending this week. Bruiser mistakenly thought I was 16, but decided to stick around even though I am a 37 year old, Mom of two. How nice of him.

But, let's zoom out shall we? Bruiser decided to plop down for his visit near my left ear. The ears so lovingly passed on to me by my Dad. Thanks Pop.

There's just no denying that my husband is a lucky guy.

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Bust it and show us!
Hate to tell ya, but you can't get away from Bruiser at 46 either... good luck with the exorcism.
I'm laughing. I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't, but I am.

I'm not 16 any more, either, but I still get Bruiser's.
I can't believe you named it. Lol. Even though we are too old for zits, they always show up when it matters most.
The earlobe killed me! I am cracking up!
Pop that sucker!!

TOOTHPASTE that MoFo! What kind of earing do you wear? You must be wearing some heavy bling, yo!
Yes on the toothpaste! It must be paste - not gel.

Hilarious about your earlobes!! That reminds me of when you talked about 'attached' and 'detached' lobes years ago. I had never realized there was a difference.
And trip on a tankful is all I gotta say....
Momo...loving this! You are funny and the literal description of this event is cracking me up. 5 parties? Well aren't you just Miss Thang. : )
Kiera...two of those are kids' birthday parties. I'm not all that.
You should put mustard on it. I'm not sure that mustard will actually make it go away, but I figure while you have toothpaste on, you might as well add some mustard? Be sure to take pics ;)

And, as a side really isn't that all.
my trusty oxy10, the same kind I bought in high school, is still in my drawer. you can totally borrow it.
Well crap! I'm glad to know I'm not the only 30-something mom of 2, who never ever had a zit growing up and is now like a pubescent teeniebopper.

We should totally start a 12-step program for those in this situation.
Since you are getting advice ;) try Lavender oil. Works--I promise!
He's uberlucky.
wait. you ....just have one?

i'm 37.

i have had a couple days *without* one.

that's how lucky MY man is.

seriously, what's the secret to *not* having them? i've tried everything. even bathing.
Why not just give in to your luck and take some black eyeliner & circle the little attention whore? Play the game, give that zit what it wanted...
Hey, buck up-- how many 80-year-old men can boast a zit like that?? It's like the best of both worlds, in a way. Right?
Is it wrong that I want to pop that zit? It's an obsession!
Yea, what is it with us still getting zits? I thought zits were for kids!
OK here's what you do. If you got any kind of strydex pads or whatever brand, use them, like several a day, just soak that sucker. If you don't have anything, buy some Zapzyt. No shit, that's what it's called. Works great. It will either come to a head and pop or start shrinking. OK, then if it pops, put Neosporin on it. Seriously, like every 10 minutes, or whenever you think of it, put some on it. You can also pop it yourself without waiting for the benzoil peroxide stuff to work. Trick is, gotta use neosporin. That heals up the sore it leaves and gets rid of that irritated lok they have. Once it heals, if you are prone to scarring, which I am, my skin is very pale and the slightest blemish leaves a burn like mark on my face, invest in some sort of scar gel like Mederma. It works.
LOL. Tell Bruiser to come over here and retrieve his relatives when he leaves you...
Pop that bad bruiser....who needs him?

Don't fight it, JOIN it, BE it, let it get supa nasty, take more pics, then post! LOL funny stuff!
Don't talk to me about earlobes. Mine flare out like the wings of an F-14. You could set a full beer bottle on them, go out for pizza, and when you got home I wouldn't have spilled a drop.
Bruiser's cousin Bubba has taken residence on my chin, thanks.

Don't they KNOW how OLD we are??????

I would never snap a picture though..or way, maybe I would....

Gave you something at my blog today, come over.
Dude! Bruiser's big brother is living on my forehead right now. Actually he makes a monthly visit when I have my other nonthly visitor, if you know what I mean and I THINK YOU DO.
I HATE Bruiser and his whole family!
Oh yeah. At 47 I have an occasional zit to go along with the grey hair and wrinkles.

It's not fair, I tell ya!
Ugh, that's absolutely no fun. They show up at the worst times, don't they?
bad luck those zits they never give up even when they are supposed to go away.
Yep, hit 30, get spots. It's just wrong. :( The lobe looks very chewable though, I bet hubby loves it.
Laugh, laugh, laugh out loud; that's what I did reading this post. I love that you can laugh at yourself. Thanks for the smile.
So unfair that these things afflict us now even worse than in middle school, isn't it?
Hey! if it makes you feel any better I think we have the SAME earlobes!!!

Why is it that we still have to deal with acne?
You should meet Hector who is permanently planted on my head between my eyebrows. In fact perhaps Bruiser and Hector should have a little playdate while their mommies drink and discuss how utterly shitty our spawns are.
Dude! that's nothing compared to some of mine!
I name all of my zits, too. Something about keeping my enemies closer.

(PS: Crush some aspirin, make a paste out of it with water, slop in on Bruiser, put a band-aid on it and go to bed. Next morning, no Bruiser.)
I am crying over here.. big large wet tears of

You are a funny one Momo..
At least he didn't show up on the tip of your nose...
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