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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Next Leonardo da Vinci

After nearly three hours at my daughter's softball game this afternoon, my six year old son started getting a little restless. He finished off some popcorn, a sucker and a snowcone before I ran out of money for food.

So, I did what any parent would do and I told him to play in the dirt.

I bent to the ground and picked up a rock. Then I demonstrated my dirt-drawing techniques and said, "Here. Take this rock and write your this."

My son took the rock from me and began to scribble a design. As other parents looked on, I started to feel embarrassed because he wasn't following my very simple instructions.

I asked, "What are you doing? Why don't you write your name in the dirt like I showed you?"

He not only replied as if talking to a complete blockhead, but I think he also ditched me in the line to heaven when he said, "I don't want to write my name. I'm drawing a picture of Jesus on the cross."

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Comments: Name schmame. LOL!
So there, Mom.
And here I can't get my little one to believe that Moses is a man in the Bible and not just her Granny's dog. Cute story!
You so lost your place in line to him...classic!

I love this kid, and I don't even know him!
You still get to go, right?
HE sure told you!
It's a bit scary, no? I mean, my baby summons deer to hit the car, but at least I know when it's coming because his eyes turn red and he speaks backwards.
Awesome! and DUH!!... simply writing your name in the dirt is so old school.
Um, are you sure he wasn't look for a popsicle or candy bar from the concession stand out of the deal?

And even if he was, I love his motivation and strategy.

Makes me want to take my kids to church.
That'll teach ya.
You know I literally laugh out loud just about everytime you post a story about that boy!
Future pastor?
Dude, take a photo and save a little jar of that dirt. Then post it on eBay - starting bid $163,000. This kid is worth his weight in gold.
I would have walked away shaking my head, and said " Geniuses, what are you gonna do with them?!" LOL what a great kid!
OMG, that is too funny! One time at a church supper, Sam build the Parthenon out of wooden blocks. that really looked like it. and then proceeded to tell anyone who would listen the history of it. how proud! :)
Once again, your son simply amazes and cracks me up.
I read on that they're looking for someone to paint the floor of the Sistine Chapel. I hope you snapped a pic for his portfolio.
Raising that one right. Go Mom.
And now you know... :)
Well, I guess he topped your suggestion! Didja get a pic?
Dang, what do you say to that?
He does have the best one liners. :)
lol, embarrassed mom transformed into proud mom in less than a second!
He might be the next george carlin. Crazy witty.
Wow. Now that is a smart little boy.
So funny! What an overachiever! (LOL) Hee how'd he do? :)
So he wanted to write HIS name. Smart kid!
that's where leo started. . . softball games.

a lot of people do NOT know this, but even van gogh was just a little dude who was bored watching his dad golf. and matisse? bowling victim.
All the great artists started with dirt drawings.
Wow... he told YOU now, didn't he? :)
Bless his little heart. He's been listening!
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