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Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Wish Her Energy Was Contagious

Our family took a road trip today and enjoyed a five mile hike through Ohio's beautiful Hocking Hills.

Well, it wasn't so much a hike as it was a lot of ups, downs, stepping over logs, tree roots and around massive rocks. We even had a run-in with a rabid raccoon.

There was a lot of climbing.

And, there was climbing...

Did I mention there was climbing?

Our five mile hike took us four hours.

When we got home I made an attempt to be funny and asked, "So, does anybody want to go for a walk?"

And, my nine year old daughter made me wish they could sell her pep-in-a-bottle, when she said, "I do!!"

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Did you bite that racoon??
I want some o' what our kids have too. What an ambitious thing you guys did - wow. I'm completely impressed. Love the pics too!
Wow! And boy do your gorgeous pictures bring back memories, although of a trip to I think it was called Watkins Glen in upper NY state, when I was about 11.
So beautiful. What part of Ohio is this in?
Wow, great photos. I shall sit here and enjoy the fruits of your labour ... err, walk. Without the bruises, cramps, blisters...

Looks beautiful (sans the rabid animals, of course).
Kids are amazing balls of energy. I wish I just had enough to keep up with mine!

Beautiful photos...I bet it was a gorgeous hike!
Gotta love the 9-year-olds!

That place is GORGEOUS! Color me jealous! :)
Were you on "Loogie Trail"? Great pictures. My knees hurt just looking at them.
Wow, that is pretty! I'm starting to think I should visit Ohio sometime.
You weren't too far from me (I'm east of HH)!

People don't know just how pretty Ohio is--especially in the foothills . . . I always thought is was flat farmland until I moved here. WRONG!

Those pictures are gorgeous!
oh my yes....bottle that stuff.
Kids...they are like the energizer bunny.
So pretty! We spent some quality time in nature this weekend also- it's so nice to get away!
thats an impressive speed...
Love those pictures and its really impressive!!!
Kids is always energetic and "on the go" moods, I am not surprise with that. Name it and they will take it as long as they have fun and adventure!

yay for Logan!!!!!
But did you do any walking while you were taking pictures? :-)
<3 you
For one, living vicariously through other people has is lovely there, though.
WOW!! That place looks beautiful! What a way to spend a day! LOL at your daughters comment. They have a never ending supply of energy!
Beautiful pictures!
That's gorgeous!
We aren't too far from Hocking Hills and I have been trying to get my husband to take me there for years. However, he is wise to the whole hiking thing, and hasn't been easy to convince. =(
I. Have. The. Same. Pictures. from last weekend.

I was editing them last week for an upcoming post. The kids love exploring... it is an amazing place.

BTW. Have I asked you if you are going to Blogher? I can't remember and I think I saw your RSVP somewhere.
I just fainted from looking at these photos. Good Lord. As a smoker I wouldn't have made it very far on that hike.

Your daughter taking you up on the offer to go for a walk after all of that is pretty amusing
Five miles!! Holy smokes! The scenery looks awesome!
I always forget how really pretty Ohio is--the pictures are great!
I love Hocking Hills! The wife and I (pre-kid) used to rent cabins down there for the weekend. Awesome time had by all!

I think they call Hocking HIlls the Hot Tub capital of the mid-west...or something like that. :D

Glad you had a good time! If you figure out how to bottle that energy...send some my way... :D
The pics are awesome.. and I agree when you find a way to bottle it.. open the goods up to us bloggers.. I need a little pep!!
I may have been more exhausted from being in constant flex mode ready to leap to save a falling kid. Looks like a great trip.
Id buy that pep in a bottle. One case please.
Sounds tiring, but those pictures look so beautiful! And what a doll, she is too precious!
Too cool. I love hiking, and I had no idea Ohio had such beautiful hiking destinations. You are blessed. Bet your thighs are a little sore today, huh?
Too cool. I love hiking, and I had no idea Ohio had such beautiful hiking destinations. You are blessed. Bet your thighs are a little sore today, huh?
Momo! You're the coolest Mom ever!

Nice workout though, for sure. Great pictures!!
Wow. YOu need to send your kid here...maybe it'd force me to get off my butt...haha...okay...maybe not.
I agree with so msny of the comments. I used to live in southern ohio near the foothills and this definitely looks potentially familiar and beautiful all the same...thanks for sharing!
Missing a trip to Hocking Hills while I lived in Columbus is the biggest regret. SO pretty.
Ah, back to the old maxim--be careful what you joke about around kids. :)

I used to teach dance lessons, and when we were getting ready for the recital, I said something along the lines of "then we go off the stage." I turned around to find 13 tutu-clad 5-year-olds leaping off the front of the stage. It looked like a Swan Lake evacuation.

Yes, that is what I actually told them to do. Children cannot "interpret"
I'm tired just thinking about it.
How gorgeous. Our boys love to hike. I've not done 5 miles with them yet but close, we've done three.

What a great day.
How gorgeous. Our boys love to hike. I've not done 5 miles with them yet but close, we've done three.

What a great day.
yeah...i think i am cool mom most of the time, but then i compare myself to one of my friends here. she has food fight birthday parties. she lets her kids use soap finger/foot paint all over her balcony then she just washes it off and has a clean balcony. she has also sponsored friend day where the kids had spaghetti eating contests and sported crazy hair. i am so not cool compared to her! she also struggles with guilt when she doesn't think her kids have had enough fun or enough memories. i have no guilt issues! yea me!
My Hannah is that way. She has gone nonstop since she was 7 months old. She can run laps, jump, have no nap and still party if you let her. Some people just have lots of energy and yes I wish I could bottle it and drink a little of it.
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