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Friday, June 13, 2008

I Have Asthma, Okay?!

Thanks to some fat cells that apparently have no interest in shrinking...and chocolate that can't seem to stop finding my mouth...last week I decided to increase my runs from three miles to five.

Since the kids have been out of school, I have been running on my treadmill. I plug along as they sit in the other room reading, watching TV, or playing video games. Usually they are facing me, and mocking me with their cute, little, non-fat, perfect, flawless, skinny, legs and arms. Oh sorry...I drifted there for a minute.

During my second day of this extended work-out, when I had just finished mile four and was feeling awfully proud of myself, I looked into the living room and saw my daughter watching me. I smiled at her, then morphed into Rocky Balboa, pumped my fist in the air and said, "Aren't I doing a good job? I am so proud of myself."

Instead of mocking me, she flat-out slammed me when she smiled back and said, "Mom. Your face is purple."

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As a fellow cherry tomato, I feel your pain. I was doing 5K runs 3 times a week up until a couple of weeks ago. A friend and I switched to walking (quickly!) for an hour 6 nights a week. I'm thinking I need to add in some crunches or something as well since my tummy hasn't gotten the memo that, Hello? I'm working out! The good news about the walking vs running is no more purple face. :)
LOL - Purple is may favorite color. Maybe you just need to change your workout attire so that your purple face would be an awesomely inexpensive accessory to your outfit!!

I'm just sayin...

oh my word.....I can just see your Rocky stance melt. ugh.....
nothing like a kid to put you in your place, huh?
"Usually they are facing me, and mocking me with their cute, little, non-fat, perfect, flawless, skinny, legs and arms. Oh sorry...I drifted there for a minute."

I cannot tell you how often I've caught myself looking at my daughters enviously. It's sad. :( But I also am determined to never let them get like me. So I guess that's good too. :)
Maybe she was just concerned. Yeah, that's it--concern.
Purple. The color of champions!

(I have asthma too. There is no way I could run without sucking on my puffer the whole time).
Buy a Minnesota Vikings T-shirt and wear it to work out. It'll tone down the facial hue about 3 clicks; just enough to go unnoticed. ;)
That's harsh
Well...though you were purple hopefully your daughter will be proud of you in the end for doing what you need to do to be healthy and fit! You have to love a child's honesty though!
And don't forget you've got a big butt.
I love the visual of you doing a Rocky!
Purple is a very pretty colour...
It helps to take a puff of the albuterol before you start the exercise. Or maybe you are just naturally purple.
:) That is why I can only do my workouts in the early AM before the kids get up. I can't IMAGINE what might come out of their mouths!
Just wear green. Purple looks good with green. Like a hydrangea plant.
Why must they be so honest?
I just found my third child's name...

you must google John Denver's real name and you will understand!

You gotta love their honesty. Or either kick them in the shin.
hey...purple is the new healthy glow...
This is why some animals eat their young. She should not eat chocolate around you. Alls I'm sayin'.
"A comment like that again and I just might turn into a purple people eater" would have be my response. Thanks kiddo!!!
Hm, I might make a mile, but anything more than that would require a rest in between, and perhaps a cigarette and some candy, to build up my energy, you know. So purple face or not, you go.
Nothin' like a kid to make you come back down to Earth.
My face turns bright pink and I know this because my kids have pointed it out, too. They are no longer allowed in the room I'm working out in when I'm working out. =)

Good for you for being able to run FIVE MILES!! Holy smokes. I got winded just typing that.
Good for you for being able to go that far! I finally got myself out of bed to take a walk this felt pretty good too. :) (now if only I can keep it up)
You ran, I am in awe. I fast walk on my treadmill, hee hee. My face still goes purple.
I get that way too; people have actually stopped me and asked if I was okay. I tell them, I can run 10 miles and I am only on mile 3, they look at me like I am having a heart attack.
That's why we have kids... to keep us from feeling too good about ourselves...
I think people are forgetting the real point here...Chocolate is FAT FREE and you can eat as much of it as you would like.
FIVE MILES!! WOW.. That is impressive.. I would take a purple face for five miles!!!

And do you feed your kids "funny"? LOL
purple is the new flesh-tone.

it's for healthy people only.

that's what my fitness trainer, barney, told me.
Purple is good. Means you are working hard, right?
Girl I feel your pain. Thats why I dont work out. At All. Ever.

That. wasn't. very. nice!

I thought midwestern folks were nice...

But seriously...five miles! Woot! Nicely done, girlfriend!
lol .. gotta love honesty
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