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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Don't Forget To Tip Your Waitress

At the amusement park last weekend, my six year old son felt it was his duty to provide in-line entertainment. He was working the crowd like a miniature Rodney Dangerfield.

At one point, a woman who was about five people back, looked at my son and said, "You are adorable!"

My overly dramatic kid let his jaw drop open, then he pointed at his chest as he feigned astonishment and asked, "Me?! You think I'm adorable?" Then his alter ego arrived (we call her Sybil) and he looked at the woman and loudly said, "I am NOT adorable".

The people around us starting laughing and the woman's husband scolded her and said, "How DARE you call a child adorable!"

My son giggled along with them, full-well knowing he had caused the merriment . Then he looked at me and quietly asked, "Mom? What's adorable mean?"

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That STORY is adorable. :-)
Add it to the files of cute, embarrassing things to show in front of his girlfriends when he's older. ha ha!
Give him ten years and see how he reacts to such a comment...
That is the funniest thing I have read in awhile! Love the comparison to a young Rodney; I call my 9 year old a mini Jim Carrey.
I wish your son would be in the long, boring lines I have to endure whenever I go to an amusement park.
I really hope you keep blogging well into his late child/teen years. The merriment to come will be great!
That's ... adorable!!
So cute. I had a similar conversation when I called one of my boys ridiculous...
Start calling him Eddie Haskel. Don't tell him why.
too cute... we have a sybil too!
It means you can swing open and shut on your toes like a door. Heh. Just try him.
i love when kids know they are funny. they ham it up even more. so delightful! most of the time.
Your kid is hilarious! :o)
I would have LOVED to have been in that line. How adorable! ;)
You did NOT call your sweet guy Sybil!
Enjoy him while he's young and innocent, they grow up much to fast.

That is such a cute story....
Yeah, he is adorable!!
I can picture this scene, and I think you're onto something with the in-line entertainment. Maybe they can put him on the payroll.
Oh, he is adorable.
What a sweetie :) Hope he's in my line the next time I am waiting for a ride; I'd love the entertainment!
That's always my reaction when strangers call me adorable too.
tell him you don't know what adorable means either. tell him it's just something people say to awesome kids.
I can just imagine the defiance on his face when he said it. And then, breaking into a huge grin . . .

What a ham!
LOL! No wonder he was so offended! He IS adorable!
I wish we were neighbors.
How deplorable, to call the child adorable! :)
you should take him on the road. oh wait. you *were*. okay. i have other ideas....
Now that's funny. You need to start carrying a tip jar. That boy knows how to work a crowd.
That is priceless... I'm so glad you are journaling this in your blog so you can remember these moments forever, or at least until he starts dating.
he is SO very adorable.
Momo, I just don't know how he could get any funnier but he always does!
I've already told you how much I want him, right?
good stuff! the kids got spunk!
Your kid doesn't know what adorable means?? Good grief Momo you MIGHT wanna have him tested for a lack-of-fawning-parent-disability!

That being said, I continue to be jealous of how much more blog content your kids provide than mine do!!
What a sweet story! He's gonna be one heck of a ladies' man someday! LOL!
Too funny!!! Our 9 & 10 your old daughters are learning our sense of sarcasm very quickly.
Cute! This story reminded me of a few weeks ago at our family reunion when I said to my brother's son, "You are so adorable!" and my brother said to him, "Are you gonna take that from her? She just called you a 'door' and a 'bull'!" The kid was so confused.
Gawsh, I love that! Yep, that story just proves it! Absolutely, positively adorable!
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