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Monday, May 12, 2008

My Vacuum Is Demanding Overtime Pay

This is what brushing our dog looks like every spring. Once a week, we have a trail of fur stretching nearly the length of our coffee table.

Anyone interested in purchasing some dog hair? Or, better yet...wanna buy a dog?

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holy cow!! Nope, no dog or the hair.. but wow. Your vacuum deserves a day off!
Not to brag or anything, but with a Siberian Husky this is what it looks like everyday at my house. This is why I have to vacuum everyday.... sometimes 2x a day. Do you have the Dyson animal? Truly a lifesaver/lung saver. :)
That's a nice flokati rug!
No offense to your dog, but YUCK!

That is incredible! What a relief it must be for him to be free of that!
Been there. Done that. With all due respects, can't wait for the thing to run away.
I think you were 'had' at the pet shop.

That's a bloody sheep woman.
That's funny. We spent the weekend doing the same thing with our Labs - one black, one brown. Combined we could have a whole new dog - sorta calico.
Wow, and I thought I had a lot with 1 dog and three cats...

But I have to ask; is the poor canine nekkid now?
you were not kidding!!! OH dear! Dyson!
It appears you could sell me the hair and I could bust out a hot glue gun and both our problems are solved: You get rid of the hair and my kids think I bought them a dog.

That pile of hair is bigger than my last dog was. I'm afraid of that pile.
WOW!!! I don't think I've ever seen so much dog hair in one place. Is there any left on the dog?
Achoo, achoo--dog hair and I do NOT get along ;)
ooh you could make a lovely fur wrap out of that...but i don't want it. :)
*speechless* Ummm ... that's a lot of fur!

Happy Mothers' Day, by the way!
Sounds like you may need to get to slicing some motor belts to help stamp out what could quickly become a drive to unionize.
I feel your pain. We must have very similar dogs. :-)
Holy crap...that's a lot of fur.

At least your dog will let you brush it. Our cat tries to scratch my eyes out if I come near him with a brush. We have to pay to have him put under and combed once a year. Dude, our cat costs us more then our kid!
That's what it looks like every morning at my house...except mine is a little more chestnut brown, with red...

Oh, that's your *dog*.
That's a lot of hair!
oh my gosh. i don't even know what to say. seriously. we are thinking about getting a dog in a few months, but that pile of hair is making me reconsider. i'm definitely going for a short-haired dog, but i am still amazed...and grossed out. oh my.
You need to bag that hair and stuff pillows with that!!! Wow! There must be a market for that!
If you spin it, you can make wool - I used to know this woman who made jumpers out of cat and dog hair - yeah I know, she was a bit nuts.
From one who is nuts (glancing at the comment above), I've spun dog fur on my wheel. There's a book, "Knitting with Dog Hair," with a list of handspinners who will make it into yarn for you, and some small commercial mills will, too.

But what your kids could have the most fun with is turning it into felt: it takes a mixture of water, temperature changes from hot to cold to hot to cold over and over, along with agitation. That's the fun part: they can play grape stompers in a rubber tub with it, the more stomping the better. They can make a pretty solid (albeit probably lumpy) fabric out of it. I'm picturing it permanently wadded up into--oh, say, a dog or cat bed. I bet a cat would love that. Heh.
~shock and disbelief~
Admit it, you shaved that dog bald, didn't you?
oh my bob! you could make new dogs out of this! you could be a fur wholesaler! the possibilities are endless. except that there really are only a finite amount of them. but the finite amount is large!
I think I might stop complaining about my dog's hair now. Probably not, I'm not her biggest fan. But WOW!
Too bad they don't have dogs with cancer that you could donate the fur to!
wow. I am really glad I do NOT have a pet...or these issues.

My OCD would go into OVER DRIVE
Maybe you can make wigs for bald pets.
Or for dogs that want to go incognito like a dog detective.
Lol. My mother has a great pyreneese (spelling is not my strong point) and it sheds just like that. There is always fur everywhere!
That reminds me--I need to get the dog shaved.

We have an outside dog--a Great Pyrenees that literally molts in the spring. The birds love it because they follow him around using the shed fur to build their nests.
OH MY! What kind of dog do you have? You could make a coat from that!
we know this feeling...
Holy hair. That's a lot of hair. What size is this dog?
Amazing! And yet, most of my amazement lies in the fact that you are disciplined enough to actually brush your dog once a week (and that you do what you have to do to your humidifier in the basement every day)!
Uh ... I made that sound wrong. I'm amazed because I am envious of your discipline - not because you normally aren't so!

I know you knew what I meant, Mo, but others may not!
Holy dog hair, Batman!
One word - furminator
Blimey Momo, there must be something useful you could do with all of that fur. Couldn't you knit a jumper, or a car or a house or something? There's enough. :@D
Ick. It almost looks like you could make one of those rugs with it though....;)
holy.. that is a mess and a half.. happy holiday vacuum! :)
You could knit yourself a sweater.
that's some perdy fur!
Yeah, Olivia would be seriously craftin'!
I think there is more hair on your table than my dog has on his whole body! :D
We used ot have a siberian husky and when she would blow her undercoat, we had fur tumbleweeds all over the house for weeks!!!
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