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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Got Your Nose

In case you were beginning to think my five year old son is always a sweetheart, here is an e-mail I received from our niece yesterday. She babysat the kids Thursday evening...

Aunt Mo,

I forgot to tell you something about your boy last we're laying down together reading a lovely Dr. Suess novel in thinking he was drifting off to sleep as we were on page 58 of this never ending rhyme, and all of a sudden your boy, out of nowhere, bites my nose (it was gentle - no need to panic).

After I muffle my laughing because that is just such a typical thing for him to do, I asked him why he did it and he said because he wanted me to stop reading. So glad to see he uses his words!

Of course as soon as I stopped reading he told me to read it again. I just thought I'd share, because I remembered it and started laughing again at work.



This would be why we only hire babysitters who have a twisted sense of humor. That way, we know they'll fit right in.


LOL! Love it! We like 'twisted' too! :-)
Looooove it!

We like to bite noses, ears and toes.

And then some!
I'm with you.......twisted all the way!
Awww, that's so cute! Err, I mean twisted! But cute too!
That is so funny!
I still think he is the sweetest most cutest boy ALIVE
He is such a cutie--biting and all :)
Those Dr. Seuss "novels" (your niece is hilarious!) can drive us all a little bit mad!

And your boy is a riot.
Send me her number. I think we need her over at our house!
Not sure what made me laugh more--the nose biting or memories of our own babysitter selection process.
I am SO glad you're writing these down! You know, you get to tease him with these stories when he's a teenager...
"So glad to see he uses his words!" That's one cool babysitter. She so GETS it!
What a great solution for when you don't want to hear anything. The nose bit haha jk.
I think you need to hire babysitters with helmets and protective facial gear.

But NOT goalie masks.

That would be too scary.

Blog Hoppin'
What's a babysitter? Soo jealous!! Very cute story!
Kids are so cute and unpredicable. Glad she had a sense of humor about it!
You should try just biting her nose next time she asks for her money-- see if it works!
I wonder if she'd be interested in a nanny position in Minneapolis. She'd fit right in at our house.
Dr. Seuss will do that to people. :)
next time i get tired of someone going on and on about something i am so going to employ the biting the nose technique. dr. suess has nothing on some of my friends and their constant vomit of the mouth!
How cute!
We hire the twisted babysitters too. More so because our hellions like to tie people to chairs.
Snort, I love that she laughed, and I love that he did it. He is wicked, in a good way. :D
Now that is funny:)
That is hysterical.. I am trying that in the next boring meeting I am in at work..hahah
Ha Ha Ha!!
That is too cute. Thank goodness she shares your sense of humor. What an adorable moment.
She'll get to embarrass him with that later, doncha know ;-)
If dude bit my nose he would be going to sleep alright. *shakes fist* LOL! What a goofball! Some sitters wouldn't get a kid being a kid, it's cool she does. I'm off to click some ads.
Haha, that's too cute!
Totally adorable! Sounds like she is a real trooper!
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