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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Then My Heart Bursts All Over The Entree

Every night at dinner, I ask my kids to tell me what was the best thing about their day, and what was the worst thing.

My daughter often tells me that the worst part was not having a pop quiz. Which is followed by me thinking to myself, "Please, please, please, let her continue to be a freak of nature and LOVE school so much that the most horrible thing she can think of is that she wasn't challenged enough." The best part of her day is usually that she did something cool in science class, or that she and her best friend have come up with yet another secret handshake.

My son starts with the worst part of his day, and it always varies. It can be that a friend didn't share the bike at school, or that he was sad when his sister got hurt at soccer practice, or that he was punished for not listening.

Then I ask him, "What was the BEST part of your day?"

And, without fail, every single night, he will look around the room at all of us, point at the dinner table and say, "This".

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That's beautiful!

... and they say kids are too jaded these days.
awwwwwww totally tear jerking! sigh.....and it didn't leave me sad or anything. wink wink!
Awesome! :)
*wipes eye* heart-warming
you done good momo! way to train up that mama's boy! we wouldn't have it any other way would we?

someone else is living my life!!! horray!!! my son, 44 pounds and almost 4, still sleeps on my chest or, his left arm.
i love, love, love...your blog!
wow! thats one sappy boy you raised. He will make some woman very proud one day. Of course I mean some woman other than you!
much respect~d
How sweet! We insist on doing dinner together every night. Even though my 12yo groans, I believe she will appreciate it one day.
Ooo must ask that one at dinner too.
I usually just ask what they did, but that's a lovely way to do it, and what a fab answer from your little monkey.
That made my lip quiver, what a sweetie.

Also, hurrah that your girl loves science and learning.
AWE!!!! I love it!
I do this too! When I pick my daughter up from school. She always says the best part was me picking her up, but SHE is totally brown nosing...
I love how your son's is simply put!your son's was sincere and original...
Out of the mouths of babes!

Seriously, I have three kids (1 is not verbal yet) and two of them canstop me dead in my tracks with mere utterances that I believe could earn them the Nobel Peace Prize.

So poignant and pure in their insight - truly AWEsome!!!

Good for you for celebrating this!
That must be the best part of YOUR day too. I am happier because I read that. Thanks.
That is one of the best things a kid to say! How cute is that?!?!?!!!
Oh just pinch me now. How sweet is that. How does he feel about raking all those leaves?
omigod! You caught me by surprise on that one. My heart literally choked!!
I'm not even pms.
that was good.
between the sleeping alone and loving his family, I think I love him.
Dude is brown-nosin'. Beware if he asks for a raise in his allowance. That truely is awesome though. You have a wonderful family and your kids know it.
awww... you're making my heart melt and making me giggle all in one night!! how have i missed your blog for so long?
sweet. that's when you know you're one incredible mama.
I love your kids!!!
Neat! It's so fun seeing the differences between our'll be interesting to see how they handle school when the youngest hits kindergarten. :)
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