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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Either Way, You'd Be In Trouble Buddy

After a lot of occupational therapy to get over some serious sensory issues, my six year old son is no longer afraid to touch anyone. He's also not real shy about it. When his sister started playing soccer and softball a few years ago, I would take him to practices where he would approach any Mom who paid him any mind and would begin rubbing her legs or arms. Not to mention, he would inevitably try to rub her chest as well.

Thanks to some good fortune, last week our family got a Wii. What does a Wii have to do with chest rubbing? Well, I'll get to that.

Aside from the fact that we warned the kids not to hurt themselves while playing their new video games...okay, that was after I pulled a shoulder muscle while bowling...we also told them never to touch buttons if they don't know what they mean. Because, so help me, if someone wipes out my Guitar Hero standings and I have to start over, it's not going to be pretty.

So, back to the chest rubbing...

Tonight, when I was folding laundry, my son saw one of my bras and asked, "Mom, is this for boobies?"

I replied, "Yes. Yes, it is."

Then, I realized we stressed being careful with the Wii a little too hard when he said, "And, I never, ever, ever touch private parts like boobies...and I never, ever press reset on the Wii either."

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And there I go with the snotrocket.
Hah! Fantastic parenting, that is!
Wii. Boobs. Same diff.
Not sure which sin would be more forgivable here.
I don't know that I'll even ever let Sun TOUCH our Wii at all!
And make sure you tell him to never touch anyone ELSE's Wii reset button either...
gee, my kids just wear my bras like a hat.....then comment on the sag when I step out of the shower. My fave "Mom, your so fat!!!"-Allie

"yes-AND pregnant(smiling)"-me
Wii and boobs are both highly stimulating...I get where he's coming from. Smart boy! : )
Hilarious -- and Melisa is right on, too. :)
well i'm glad you stressed the important things! way to go mom!
That is funny.
Just proof that the kid is learning the valuable lessons in life.
And I'm comin' to your house! My sister still won't get me a Wii! Dang sisters! Sit on your head when you're a kid and never have to pay.
I so heart your son.
Should be an 11th commandment if you ask me.
Hm, a can see myself at this point in a few more years. Owen LOVES to rub my chest-and anyone else's who happens ot be, um, well-endowed. Also loves to mess with the TV. Great! :)
*snort* (I actualyl snorted when I read this)
Ok, that is freaking hilarious! ha ha!
I don't have a wii so I think I should be given boobiefeeling freedom.
One day, he'll learn of the many joys that involve... "pressing Reset on the Wii"...

You should make sure he knows to never let anyone touch his Wiimote, either.

I think creating a whole Nintendo-themed set of euphemisms to make these talks much less awkward is a fantastic idea for any parent!
ohh Momo I am dying laughing!!! i just about spit coke out on the laptop! you so almost had to sell your wii and buy me a new computer!
Love the priorities Momo! :-)
This was too funny.
I soooo want a Wii.
Your son is a riot!!!
My husband wants a Wii so bad--I just can't ever find one :0
Hee hee! Well, they do kinda rank right up there together as far as importance don't they *s* Sissy wiped out my Animal Crossing town once. I was really mad. I harped on her every chance I could about it too. I think I've let it go now, mostly.
knowing that I cherish my GH standings as well as DDR, I agree in the severity of the warnings...

We just got Wii fit... THAT is a ton of fun!
Haha, I'd have been rolling on the floor laughing.
Wheeeeeeeeeee, boobies!
The boobs and Wii -= both provide hours of fun. And both induce men to brag for hours about their score.
i totally love that your priorities are in check. this is as it should be!!!
I almost fell out of the bed I was laughing so hard!
parenting at its best, fun and games along with a morals lesson... perfect!
That is hysterical!!!!!!! Isn't the Wii one of the greatest things ever?? Except of course for the fact the my 5 year olds quite consistently beat me soundly at bowling!
hahahhahaha. Love it. We dug out our super nintendo the other day, and only let our 3 year old press the 'jump' button.
Clearly both are precious!!!

I so want a Wii.

Guitar Hero rocks . . . or so I hear :(
tee hee...thank you so much for the really great giggle. :)
Sounds like he got the message!! LOL!!!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

well, he is RIGHT!
hahaha! This gives "I wanna play with my wii" a whole new meaning.
momo, you made me spit out my wine and I don't even mind. Snort. I love you.
Great post. :)

That reminds me of the time time when my niece Angelique, at 2, cut her baby sisters hair and about a week later talked to my mom on the phone, and said in a very serious tone "I dont ever ever ever cut Liani's hair."
Your work is done...

Good job!
LOL! Too funny! Let's hope he remembers that at 16!
Too funny!! Boobs, Wii, some how the worlds seems right when the rules are followed!
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