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Momo Fali's: Does Two Out Of Forty-Two Pay Anything?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Does Two Out Of Forty-Two Pay Anything?

So much for that.
Good thing Google Adsense pays me a whole $1.72 a month.

UPDATE: I am in no way asking you to click on my Google Ad. That would be in violation of their policy and I can't condone that. Because if they pull it, how would I afford that half gallon of gas?


Wow, you're really up there-- how do you do it? lol

Sometimes I wish everyone wasn't trained (like me) to ignore ads on the Web as best they can. Just think of all the gum I could buy otherwise!
I clicked on your ads. That should put you up to, what, 1.74 a month? You're welcome.
gotta hand it to him, he got two.
I love Adsense.

Cheap bastards.
Believe it or not, I think you're luckier than I am. ;-)
Maybe he just needs another shot at it.
If at first you don't succeed, try & try again!
Darn! I really thought it was going to work!
Makes a whole lotto cents to me.
Maybe he wanted to use his powers for good and foresaw that something evil would happen with the money should you win.

Or maybe it just doesn't work on lotter numbers.

Keep trying, let me know.

And 2 numbers is 2 more than I've ever matched!
I clicked 3 times on said ad. Nothing more fun then the ride home after a lotto ticket purchase.
I wanna play. I'm off to buy a ticket now.
I never win the Lotto. But then again, I don't play...

Good luck on your next ticket!
It SHOULD count...
"Good thing Google Adsense pays me a whole $1.72 a month."

Shiny Internet Nickels....
did your son pick the numbers?
YOU'RE GETTING $1.72? That is so unfair. I am going right now to renegotiate my Google Adsense Contract for one that is as golden as yours. I'm making 1/2 of that.
That means you can go into Starbucks and smell their paper cups. You lucky dog, you.
Seems there should be a winner for those who get NO numbers at all.
Made another 2 cents for you. That'll get you an extra sniff at Starbucks.
Inconceivable! You are exactly $1.72 ahead of me. I'll click yours if you click mine! (Just kidding Ad Sense Police, I know you're watching)
Keep playing that lotto. You have a better chance of winning that than making a million from your ads.
ok...that has to be one of the funniest things i've read since i sat down. and believe me i've been sitting here a long time!

still giggling about all that gas you can buy. hahahahahaha
PredictMan can only use his powers for truth, justice and telling you when relatives visit. It's the superhero code. I should maybe open up an academy for this stuff...
At least you were able to circle numbers on your lotto card.. I can never do that.. hahaha

And Google Adsense and me broke up long ago.. he was just too taking and taking and not giving me any back.. bastard.
Hey, this comment has nothing to do with this post, well, becuase I suck and didn't actually read it, BUT: I was over checking out Maria's post with the quotes we were supposed to guess? And I saw your comment about Viggo? I am the one who made the original commant about wanting him to, well, ya know, and will say that now you are one of my favorite people becuase I do not know one other woman save myself who thinks that! :)
Blimey Momo, that's one fab get rich quick scheme. ;)
Somehow I always end up getting ZERO numbers. I wish there were a lottery with that game.
Momo, you're not giving your boy the credit he deserves! Check line "C" 2nd column. It's a 6! So 3 out of 42 is not bad, right? :D Better luck next time... :)
Maybe the lottery isn't his thing. Perhaps the Kentucky Derby would have been a better choice? Or maybe those are next week's numbers. I'm just sayin', don't give up on him yet.
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