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Momo Fali's: We're Buying Her A Mosh Pit For Her Birthday

Sunday, April 13, 2008

We're Buying Her A Mosh Pit For Her Birthday

It seems as though my nine year old daughter has been playing too much Guitar Hero, because when I picked her up from school on Friday she said, "Mom, Barracuda has been stuck in my head all day."

And, last night when her brother showed me the American Sign Language sign for I love you, she said, "I don't think that means, I love you. I think it means, Rock on."

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Funny! I recently taught the neighbor girl "Play That Funky Music White Boy" from an old cassette. Her dad was a little surprised.
That's really funny! She must be taking after her Dad there ... when we were there she asked me something about "Alice in Chains" (as I had mentioned Alice Cooper to someone) and showed me the CD!
that rocks!
That's pretty funny. My kids don't know that one, yet. However, the twins are getting pretty good at saying--peace out! whenever you say goodbye to them.
She wouldn't happen to have long hair and a closet of GNR T-shirts, would she? :)
LOL! Gotta love it! At least you've got plenty of entertainment, yes? ;-)
My kids enjoy a little Dylan: "The sky's not blue, it's CHICKEN!"

Very funny anecdote--
The sign language thing is hilarious!

We're into Rock Band in our house. My four year old particularly likes the song "Do You Want Me to Stay or Should I Go?" I think it's a particularly good rendering of the actual question into pre-school speak -- since honestly whether we stay or go is usually all about what I want. :)
I love it! My kids will be right there with yours. Jake picked out a shirt at Kohl's the other day that says "my mom rocks" and he said he wanted it because I was so good at guitar hero and he wanted all his friends to know. ROCK ON! :)
Rock on! My boy is a big Guitar Hero player too. We should start a School of Rock for all the kiddos.
Rock on, little girl! Rock Strong!
Hee hee. Rock on dude.
Rawk on little people.
i think this Guitar Hero thing is taking over the world! \||/
Wish I'd thought of it.
Oh, yeah. I just have to laugh at all "our generation's" songs the kids are playing on Guitar Hero and Rock Band.
There is nothing like a bit of 'Barracuda.' I'm all for it. My son now likes all the bands I liked as a teenager. I feel like I'm stuck in a time warp.
Cute!! My 4 yr. old makes the I love you sign, but he holds it down to throw webs like Spiderman. ;)
She's awesome...

I taught my daughter how to do the "rock on" hand when she was 2....
I think there will have to be some kind of legal settlement between The World of Rock, the American Sign Language organization, and Spider-Man. One hand sign just can't be expected to do triple duty!

Time to pull back on the guitar hero, eh?

You think she'll be a groupie or a musician?
Get her a set of drums--them she can really rock out ;)
I still have no clue what guitar hero is lol!
This is a funny post about your daughter. Love your blog.
lol, too cute
Hilarious. My kids have been singing "Shake Your Groove Thing" but I'm not sure why. It's scary when you walk around wondering if you've been singing a song but can't remember.
not a lot of people know this, but it's also the international symbol for "i have lost my third and fourth fingers, please call 911"
LOL! We are Guitar Hero Addicts in this house too! I get to see Heart in Concert in June! I'm SO excited!
Uh-oh. Can playground groupie be far away??
My 3 yo's Metallica shirt would match the devil horns.
We have a Rock Band addiction here and I find myself saying, "Rock on". Holy crap.

I have something for you at my place.
Rock on and "I love you" mean the same thing. Well, actually it means "I love you, maaaan!"
Rock On Grrl! Rock On!! :)
That is one mother-fucking cool kid. Don't you wish you had just the slightest bit to do with that?

That's great.


Yep. Now it's in my head, too.
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